Spookier Scarier Skeletons

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Revamps skeleton racials to give them more varied utility and unique gameplay, bringing them more in line with ghouls:

- The first talent, Skeleton, now grants enhanced Movement Speed and Accuracy starting from talent level 3 (not applicable to necromancer summons). Fly fast from death's jaws, little bones!
- The second talent, Bone Armour, has had Resilient Bones's passive debuff duration rolled into it starting from talent level 3, and has had its scaling changed to scale more consistently from early to endgame. Slings, arrows, curses and everything else; all fall useless against dead, dead bones!
- An all-new third talent, Bonerang (replacing Resilient Bones), a throwable weapon that strikes all in its path both as it flies forward and as it returns. Bones wielding bones, themselves thrice deadly!
- The fourth talent, Re-Assemble, now reduces the duration of physical and magical debuffs the user currently suffers from, and has had its extra life at talent level 5 removed; instead, starting from talent level 5, it allows you to survive a lethal hit with negative life once every 40 turns. Death once cheated, death forever spurned, all crumbles and fades save for bones, bones, bones!

New SFX have additionally been added to Bone Armour and Re-Assemble.

Step fast and light, adventurer; the dust of the grave yet stirs, and its envy of the living grows ever more keen.

ToME Race XP Penalty Tweak

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Rebalances race xp penalties more in line with their power:

Shalore = 30%
Ogre = 35%
(Reduced by 5% in 1.1.0 for both of these).

Thalore = 25%
Skeleton = 20%
Ghoul = 20%

NOTE: Will not work as designed if addons loading after this one change Shalore, Thalore, Skeleton, Ogre or Ghoul XP penalties.

ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

This addon uses a 'ToME:load' HOOK to check for the default 1.5.5 text for certain subraces and changes them if found. Will change the actual XP penalty regardless.

Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM

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Rebalancing Almost Completely Inferior and Superior Mooks aka RACISM!
Changes various Race's starting attributes in order to attempt to even stuff out.
List of changes, though I could have missed some stuff:
Yeeks no longer need to breathe and have +2 Life per level.
Skeletons have 10% less of an EXP penalty and have +2 Constitution at the start.
Ghouls no longer have the 20% Speed Penalty, they also have more breath.
Swapped Thalore and Shalore EXP penalty so Thalore have 25% and Shalore have 35%.
I have left various comments noting my changes so you can see them during Character Creation.

Wild-Gift Undead Adventurers

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This mod Will allow Undead Races to play wild-gift Classes, It's not intended to be balanced. Just allow you more options
A side effect of this is it will also allow you to acquirne the wil-gift/harmony tree reward from the Heart of Sandworm queen As well,
Undead adventurers Should be able to choose from any of the wild-gift skill trees as well

Uncloak of Inconvenience

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Sets undead starting faction to Allied Kingdoms so you won't die mashing buttons in the world map because you had the AUDACITY to equip that Wrap of Stone.

Half-Finished Bone Giant Nerf

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Modifies the Half-Finished Bone Giant undead starting dungeon boss to be less overpowered:
- Level range reduced from 7-infinity to 4-5.
- Dexterity reduced from 52 to 24.

The Endless Sacrifice

I have been trying to unlock the skeleton race. I heard from a friend there is a chance of unlocking it every time a character dies to a skeleton, so I have created dozens of characters with the single mission of dying to skeletons. I have spent hours doing this. Is there any tips or tricks that could help me? I feel as if I am missing something. Also, can I remake the same character each time as the sacrifice, and does death to The Shade and the skeletal mold count?

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