Improved Adventurer

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Allows adventurers to use talent trees from every classes and races, including those from addons.

This addon is designed as a more "addon friendly" alternative to Much more Adventurous.
(It doesn't, however, add the misc and legacy talents)

It takes talents directly from the subclass/subrace list so it should :

- Bypass race/class compatibility
(Allowing Skeletons to take Wyrmic talents, or Cornacs to use those from the Stone Warden for instance.)

- Take talents trees from NPC only classes/races
(In the base game, that would be the two talent trees of the golem.)

- Ignore the locks
(Allowing Adventurers to use talent trees from classes you haven't unlocket yet, or things like Demented/Scourge Drake.)

Additionally, "undead/lich", "Cursed/Cursed Aura" and talents from the Fallen Paladin can also be selected.

Talents from the Technomancer and the Thaumaturgist dont work without their respective prodigy, so if you want them I recommend this addon :

It should be compatible with most classes and races from other addons.

Augmented Mobility Grants Telekinetic Grasp

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Learning a talent in the Augmented Mobility category will now grant Telekinetic Grasp just like it used to.

Magical Adventurer

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Make Adventurers are born with staff combat, mindstar mastery and combat training at x1.3. Also add 3 talents to adventurers and unlock some more talents trees.

Adventurer Plus

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Make Adventurers are born with staff combat, mindstar mastery and combat training at x1.3. Also add "shoot" talent to adventurers and unlock some talents trees.

Much More Adventurous

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Gives adventurers every talent tree in the game. This includes things like object talents, talents from summons (golem, mecharachnid, etc), npc only talents (horrors, soul eater, etc), talents mostly removed from the game (old paradox mage and archer talents, etc), partially implemented talents (like the unavailable celestial class), and hidden talents not normally available on their own (individual poisons, traps, hymns, etc).

Many of these are very unbalanced, and while I have removed every buggy talent I could find, combining talents that aren't normally available together on the player may cause a bad reaction. If you find something like this please let me know, I'm doing my best to modify every talent that needs it to work properly on the player.

Adventurer+Multi Evolutions

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Allows Adventurer to take any class evolution prodigy, adds an option to allow any class to take multiple evolutions, and adds an option to remove requirements from prodigies.

Should be compatible with all evolutions from addons and future updates.

Normally prevents you from selecting an evolution for a class that adventurer doesn't get any talents from (any class not possible on random bosses, or stone warden when not playing dwarf/drem), but this restriction is removed if you also have zizzo's addon Slightly More Adventurous or my addon Much More Adventurous.

Pulverize Again

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Restores Pulverizing Auger as an Arcane Combat option.

Adventuring Technomancy

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Allows the Adventurer class to acess the Technomancy class evolution, once it has been unlocked normally.

Unlocked Adventurer

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This unlocks various(all?) talents trees at x1.3 for Adventurers, including possessor, stone warden and cursed/cursed aura. This addon REQUIRES possessors to be enabled, meaning you must be a donator, and logged in.

Specialist Adventurers (WIP)

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