Wanderer Start Tweak

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With this addon, Wanderers will not learn talent types with a minimum level greater than their current level (i.e. they will not learn high level trees before level 10).
If a tree is selected that you are not high enough level to utilize, it will be returned to the list in a random position and the learner function will move on to the next tree to attempt to learn.

Compatability note: overwrites getBirthDescriptor("subclass", "Wanderer").copy.randventurerLearn in an unfriendly manner. Likely not compatible with other addons that alter the manner in which Wanderers learn talent categories.

Deluxe Wanderers Combo Mod

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New classes: the Wanderer, Magician, and Mentalist that get to choose their talents from a random list. The Wanderer variant covers all trees, the Magician most magical trees, and the Mentalist most mindpower trees. They also gain resource generating talents when they get a talent tree that requires them.

Big thanks to starsapphire, FL0RENT_, and hauzer, whose work is all integrated here.

Wanderer pick 1 in 3 talent choice (fork)

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Make wanderer now choose one in three random talent trees instead.
You can also choose to use one category point to reroll.

This is a modified version of Starsapphire's "Wanderer 3 in 1"( https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/wanderer_3in1 ) with a few tweaks.

Only the first choice is seeded, the other two are random. (no longer the case since v1.0.3)
Talent trees you don't take are put to the back of the list instead of being removed. (v1.0.3+ the list gets shuffled instead)
Taking the same thee twice gives 0.2 additional mastery.
You should no longer get talents from your clones leveling up.

-1.0.1 :
The descriptions of the talent trees are shown in the choice dialogue

-1.0.2 :
Rerolls at level 1 are now free, to avoid having to roll a new character if you get something unusable.

-1.0.3 :
Everything is seeded now.
Added wanderer types with different amounts of choices (2in1, 4in1 & 5in1)
The same seed can be used with different wander types and get similar results (except the one from base game)

Balanced Wanderer Trees

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This addon gives the class and generic trees equal weight, so trees like Survival are not extremely common.

Multi Evolutions Fork

Short Name: 

Allows Adventurer to take any class evolution prodigy and adds an option that allows any class to take multiple evolutions.
This is yet another fork of pisastrish's mod (https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/evolve_adven1).
There is only a small change so that it checks for the adventurer class instead of the subclass.
It should affect both the adventurer, wanderer and other adventurer subclasses added by addond (wanderer3in1 for instance)

Do not use with another version of the same addon, they are not compatible with eachother.

Wanderer Options

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Allows wanderers to use talent trees from every classes and races, including those from addons, with options.

Wanderers will also start with steamguns, steamsaws, tinker implants (with Eor DLC) and the talent shoot.

Added an option to start with the talents trees steamtech/physics & steamtech/chemistry.

Starter Martial Potion

Short Name: 

Gives a Potion of Martial Prowess at character creation (currently limited to Wanderer and Adventurer since I could not figure out how to make it work without specifying classes).

Masterful Wanderers

Short Name: 

Increase Wanderers' talent masteries to 1.3x.

(if you know how to remove tags from an addon listing, please let me know)

Overloads adventurer.lua.

Resourceful Wanderers

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Help Wanderers make use of trees which are otherwise hard or impossible to use due to insufficient or non-existent resource generation.


Every Wanderer now knows the Shoot talent from the get-go, and starts with iron mail armour in addition to everything else.


The first time a steamtech tree is learned, the tinker escort quest will be automatically resolved. Also, two steam generator implants, two iron steamsaws and two iron steamguns will be added to the inventory.

Equilibrium, Souls, Insanity

When a first-of-its-kind talent which uses equilibrium, souls or insanity is learned, a relevant random resource-generation talent or a set of talents will be learned as well.

  • These are only given if you don't already know a relevant resource-generating talent or a tree containing one.
  • Only talents which pass the non-level, non-stats checks are eligible. For example, non-Dwarves won't be granted Stone Warden talents.
  • The first-of-its-kind talent you yourself learn is non-unlearnable, i.e. you won't be able to unlearn it.
  • The randomness takes the seed into account.

The possible granted talents/talent groups are as follows:


  • Meditation
  • Stoneshield
  • Stone Vines and Eldritch Vines
  • Nature's Defiance
  • Ancestral Life
  • Healing Nexus
  • Psiblades and Nature's Equilibrium
  • Mucus
  • Mitosis and Reabsorb
  • Swallow
  • Jelly


  • Soul Leech
  • Raze


  • Worm That Walks and Foul Convergence
  • Carrion Feet
  • Digest
  • Mutated Hand
  • Entropic Gift
  • Dark Whispers
  • Netherblast
  • Rift Cutter
  • Black Monolith
  • Tentacled Wings
  • Decaying Grounds

Note that some of the talents are passives, so it may not be obvious at a first glance that you got them (i.e. nothing shows up on the hotkey bar).

Resourceful Wanderers on GitHub

Wanderer 3 in 1 talent choice

Short Name: 

Wanderer now choose one in three random talent trees instead.

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