Wanderer 3 in 1 talent choice

Wanderer 3 in 1 talent choice

Wanderer now choose one in three random talent trees instead.

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sorry for mistranslation 1.7.4 2021-07-03 09:18
first 1.7.4 2021-07-02 18:39

Playing Wanderer will have

Playing Wanderer will have the game randomly at various points of changing the level give you details as to what your next trees are going to be as you level up. I am unsure as to the conditions that trigger this. However, this is bugged with this addon as it triggers the 3-in-1 selection, which makes you learn the talent before you were supposed to.

It would also be nice if this addon worked with Resourceful Wanderer, such that it gave additional talents for resource gain for things like insanity, equilibrium, steam and souls.


When you get steamtech/chemistry or steamtech/physics you don't get the APE so you're unable to get tinker components.