Corrupted Skeleton

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A few changes to skelly I thought would make it actually interesting to pick for some classes as it previously was easily the worst race because it didn't cover any of the weaknesses or encourage any synergies with any class. These changes make Skeleton focused a lot more on being a tank, which its talents originally hinted at.

The first talent now gives a massive amount of physical saves that scale with constitution. This replaces the duration reduction of the third talent. The duration reduction is largely a useless stat if you can't get it to 100% reduction as debuffs are either "I don't care about this" or "I want this gone immediately." Immunities have typically always been the go to. Most classes have their immunites or debuff clears as their third or final talent, so putting this as the first talent gives some incentive to use this over Shalore.

Originally it was going to be full physical debuff immunity like with Spine of the World but after some deliberation I figured this was too good. I kind of like the saves here as a way to demonstrate just how much is needed to be good. The numbers for this are chosen that provided you put in significant investment, it should provide excellent returns such that it's the only source of physical save needed on difficulties of insane or lower.

The third talent now gives you the Corruption/Bone tree. This here because I thought this would be fun, and thematic.

I got a bit of feedback that people wanted a mobility tree on Skeleton, but honestly I feel like that removes one of the interesting weaknesses of the class, that you are forced to use blink rune for mobility. This drawback provides some interesting decisions in what to select for your race and I think it should remain to encourage strategic building.

Also: Reassemble now scales with Constitution. Both Bone Armour and Reassemble's descriptions have been updated to fully detail the things they scale with. They previously did not mention that they scale with your max HP.

Classes that would be good with this skelly rework: Classes without a lot of defenses, classes with a lot of mobility, classes with the Corruption/Bone tree, classes that don't need to focus on 3 non-Constitution stats.

Update 1.2.0
The first talent and Reassemble both used to scale with Constitution but considering no classes use Con and you still want Magic for Bone Shield scaling and to make Bone Grab work, changing the Con scaling to Dexterity make the race pair better with more classes, since many triple stat using weapon classes utilize Dex.

Also I fixed a couple of bugs. Learning the Bone talents now correctly gives the Vim resource bar and puts them on your hotbar automatically.

Doombringer/Demonologist Revert

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Buffs Surge of Power back to what it used to be. Additionally, prevents enemies from using Surge of Power.
Also puts Hardened Core back to where it used to be.

Wanderer Start Tweak

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With this addon, Wanderers will not learn talent types with a minimum level greater than their current level (i.e. they will not learn high level trees before level 10).
If a tree is selected that you are not high enough level to utilize, it will be returned to the list in a random position and the learner function will move on to the next tree to attempt to learn.

Compatability note: overwrites getBirthDescriptor("subclass", "Wanderer").copy.randventurerLearn in an unfriendly manner. Likely not compatible with other addons that alter the manner in which Wanderers learn talent categories.

Wilder Balance

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Balances a bit the Wyrmic and Stone Warden classes.


Wyrmic is now a hybrid mindstar user and mindcaster class,
they do not have the Shield Offense and Two Handed Combat trees,
and their wild-gift weapon talents requires to have psiblades.

Wyrmic do not need now physical power as apply power, just mindpower.
It only needs Strength for some talents' damage.

This addon does not interact with DLC contents.

- starts with Cunning - Survival unlocked
- starts with Wild-Gift - Mindstar Mastery unlocked

- Wing Buffet now deals devouring fire damage, applies Wet, cooldown is lower
- Bellowing Roar deals fireknockback damage + confusion, mindpower is apply power, cooldown is lower
- Devouring Flame cooldown is lower
- Fire Breath deals devouring fire damage, applies Wet, cooldown & eq cost lower
(the Wet from these talents have a synergie with the Ice Claw & Ice Wall talents)

- Ice Claw cooldown is lower
- Icy Skin also gives iceblock pierce
- Ice Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Swallow deals physical damage, apply power is mindpower
- Quake apply power is mindpower, cooldown is lower
- Sand Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Lightning Speed cooldown is lower, removed the colour & blur
- Static Field cooldown & eq cost lower
- Lightning Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Corrosive Mist is now a shielding talent
- Dissolve is now a radius 3 cone, lower cooldown, and disarming acid
- Acid Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Prismatic Slash is passive, inceasing the radius of Claw talents
- Venomous Breath is passive, gives various poison effect to Breaths
- Wyrmic Guile also gives Str mod to mindstars

Stone Warden:

- Deeprock is instant, lower cooldown

- Eldritch Fury is a low cooldown spell projectile that deals damage according to Block value

- Stone & Crystal Halves now cannot take life damage from the player (killing your own summons were bad...)
- Stone Half instantly casts Stone Link when summoned (if knows it) (now it's a more reliable defense)

- Shards sustain gives physical resistance (to have synergie with Mountainhewn)
- Eldritch Stone is instant, lower cooldown, the shield can mind crit, gives base mana regen per turn

- Rockwalk and Rockswallow are now teleports (you can have Out of Phase now), the heal and the damage can mind crit

Constitution Viability Buff Addon - Q edition

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Constitution now grants:
-+5 Life (Instead of +4)
-Critical Strike Shrug Off Chance (As with Dexterity)
-Life Regeneration
-Healing Modifier
Edited for personal use by Stormfox

Lichdom Buff Addon

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Changes Lichdom talent to retroactively increase life rating based off talent level.

Point Credits

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Allows you to spend an unlimited amount of class, generic, stat, category and prodigy points by digging into negative values, as deep as you want to.

This addon presents an unique approach to the "I want more (insert type here) points for my character!" problem. Instead of simply adding +N more points to spend each level, it allows you to use as many points as you wish - you'll simply go into negative values if you don't have any points at the moment, effectively "loaning" them. From whom? For what fee? What's the due date? Who knows! Maybe the Eidolon's feeling like doing some commerce, or maybe the divines are smiling at you! All that matters is that all those points are yours to spend *now*! If you want, you can get those elusive talents up to survive in early game and compensate for them later as you level up, eventually balancing out... or get yourself all these cool talents you really wanted to have and learn than the build of your dream will forever be short of 24 generics, 6 class points, inscription and a prodigy. :>

No actual penalties for loaning the points are implemented or intended to be implemented.
No other limits are pushed, either - you'll only be able to do what you'd be able to if you had a couple of extra thousands of points (which is basically how this addon works internally, by the way).

Design premises

While there's already a lot of addons that grant characters more points, they are often found suffering from some significant flaws - like surplus points dangling when all desired talents have already been developed, or still insufficient amount of points despite all the extra ones, or an uneven point gain curve when one's struggling with point deficit in the early game but has a large surplus of unused points in the late game, or the difficulty to gauge the unbalanceness of the current build at a given moment of time... and so on. With point loaning, however, you can have as many or as few extra points as you wish, and always know how strongly you deviate from the intended game balance curve. I love this particular approach, and it is my hope that it will appeal to many other players, as well. :>


  • This addon is designed to be as thin as possible and compatible with virtually any other addons, including the ones that alter level-up and prodigy dialogs.
  • It should also be possible to add this addon to an existing character without any issues.
  • If any compatibility problems arise, please let me know and I'll try to fix the issue!
  • Known possible bug: If an exception arises somewhere inside official point-handling code, the clean-up wrapper will not get executed correctly. That being said, if that does actually happen, you'll most likely have much worse problems than being stuck with a bunch of extra character points - but still, please let me know and I might get to implement a correct exception handler. :>


  • also, pecks from Voxxy :>

Escort Mastery Buff Addon

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Fuck Patrols Addon

Short Name: 

All World Map Patrols have been disabled because they're fucking annoying and nobody likes them.
Patrols eliminated:
- Adventurer Parties
- Zigur Patrols
- Orc Patrols
Who's going to miss them? Nobody.
RIP in Pepperonis.

Constitution Viability Buff Addon

Short Name: 

Constitution now grants:
-+5 Life (Instead of +4)
-Critical Strike Shrug Off Chance (As with Dexterity)
-Life Regeneration
-Healing Modifier

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