A Little Darkness for Demonologists

Short Name: 

This addon is meant to make demon seed and demon blade deal at least
partially darkness damage, to improve synergy with Doom Covenant

Demon Seeds Stack

Short Name: 

Allows the demon seed effect to stack multiple times.

Demon Seeds Plus

Short Name: 

Gives some unused demon seeds (Khulmanar, Walrog) new skills and adds new unique seeds (Draebor, Lithfengel, Shasshhiy'Kaish, Kryl-Feijan, Corrupted Daleach).
This addon also changes the cap on demon seed levels to be 50 or your own level, whatever is higher, allowing demon seeds to become more powerful in the Infinite Dungeon.

If any of the abovementioned demons appears somewhere they shouldn't, please report it in the form thread.

Demon Seed Details

Short Name: 

This addon is for all you Demonologists out there. Further modifies demon seed names in your inventory to include details about each seed's mods and stats.

No more manually tagging hundreds of seeds!

I don't do this LUA/addon stuff too often so please forgive any bugs. Currently, switching invenotry tabs for example will remove the details from the seed names. To fix it just close your inventory and open it again. 

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