Doombringer/Demonologist Revert

Short Name: 

Buffs Surge of Power back to what it used to be. Additionally, prevents enemies from using Surge of Power.
Also puts Hardened Core back to where it used to be.

Infinite Demon Seeds Levelup

Short Name: 

Allows demon seeds to levelup up to level 1000.

Demonologist: ReSeeded

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A full redesign of the Demonologist class, featuring rewritten flavour text, enhanced QoL, some enhanced visuals, and many, many balance and design changes to talents intended to reduce tedium and enhance gameplay diversity while holding true to Demonologist's core gameplay as a heavily-armored melee/caster hybrid.
(Note that this addon requires Ashes of Urh'rok to be both installed and active to work, and will fail to load otherwise.)

Features include:

An entirely new talent tree: Bloodbinding, replacing Combat Techniques and Combat Veteran. Lay down hexing circles to strip foes' strength and restore your stamina, and go for their throats with a deadly gap closer that strikes without fail!

No more tedious sustain management: Osmosis Shield, Rain of Fire, and similar talents have all been reworked so that they only drain your Vim when they directly take effect, preserving their functionality while removing the need to manually toggle them off and on to conserve your limited reserves of Vim!

Enhanced demon seed management: Demon seeds are now automatically replaced when you acquire a new seed of the same type but greater level, and cleaning all the outdated seeds from your inventory is as quick and easy as pushing a button! Seed descriptions are now more verbose, giving a short explanation of what equipped talents actually do!

Rebalanced and redesigned talents: Every single one of Demonologist's unique trees and talents has been given a revamp to improve midfight utility, reduce tedious prebuffing, streamline awkward mechanics, focus their damage output, and provide more sensible scaling that rewards investment in specific aspects of the class! Poor talents have been buffed, broken talents fixed, and centralisation has been moved away from just a few extremely strong skills to a wide array of potential build options, all while preserving the class's core ethos as a spellslinging melee fighter that refuses to die no matter how much punishment it takes!

Massively redesigned demon seeds: Ring seed effects are much more diverse, and all other seeds have been rebalanced as well, with improved or all-new effects on the vast majority of seeds. Demon seed talents have been given the same balance and design pass as those of the core class, giving enhanced functionality while maintaining the same wild variety of diabolical techniques to respin the class's basic gameplay!

And many more! A (mostly) comprehensive list of changes from basegame can be perused in basegame_changes.txt within the .team file.

Truth has many facets, adventurer. Those who walk in darkness can see the light all the more starkly.

A Little Darkness for Demonologists

Short Name: 

This addon is meant to make demon seed and demon blade deal at least
partially darkness damage, to improve synergy with Doom Covenant

Demon Seeds Stack

Short Name: 

Allows the demon seed effect to stack multiple times.

Demon Seeds Plus

Short Name: 

Gives some unused demon seeds (Khulmanar, Walrog) new skills and adds new unique seeds (Draebor, Lithfengel, Shasshhiy'Kaish, Kryl-Feijan, Corrupted Daleach).

If any of the abovementioned demons appears somewhere they shouldn't, please report it in the form thread.

- Reworked the benefits granted by most of the unique seeds
- Ensured compatibility with MrFrog's Demonologist rework
- removed the level cap change on demon seeds (sorry, was necessary to ensure forward compatibility)

Demon Seed Details

Short Name: 

This addon is for all you Demonologists out there. Further modifies demon seed names in your inventory to include details about each seed's mods and stats.

No more manually tagging hundreds of seeds!

I don't do this LUA/addon stuff too often so please forgive any bugs. Currently, switching invenotry tabs for example will remove the details from the seed names. To fix it just close your inventory and open it again. 

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