Skirmisher Buffs

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This addon adds Shield Offense & Shield Defense to the Skirmisher while changing their stat requirements to the greater of Strength or Dexterity, and Tireless Combatant has been changed to only use Dexterity.
Lastly, the Bombardment talent has been completely reworked.

This is my first ever mod, I would like to thank Nsrr & Erenion for making this all possible.

Doomed/Darkness Tweaks

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Rogue Mobility

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Adds the Mobility Generic Tree to:
- Rogues (Locked, 1.3 mastery)
- Skirmishers (Unlocked, 1.1 mastery)

Escort Mastery Buff Addon

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Constitution Viability Buff Addon

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Constitution now grants:
-+5 Life (Instead of +4)
-Critical Strike Shrug Off Chance (As with Dexterity)
-Life Regeneration
-Healing Modifier

Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM

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Rebalancing Almost Completely Inferior and Superior Mooks aka RACISM!
Changes various Race's starting attributes in order to attempt to even stuff out.
List of changes, though I could have missed some stuff:
Yeeks no longer need to breathe and have +2 Life per level.
Skeletons have 10% less of an EXP penalty and have +2 Constitution at the start.
Ghouls no longer have the 20% Speed Penalty, they also have more breath.
Swapped Thalore and Shalore EXP penalty so Thalore have 25% and Shalore have 35%.
I have left various comments noting my changes so you can see them during Character Creation.

Adventurer Buff Addon

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Gives Adventurers 3 more Category Points at creation, from 7 to 10.
Update V1.2: Adventurers now have access to (Locked, at 1.0 Mastery):
- All Skirmisher categories (Including Technique/Tireless Combatant)
- All Stone Warden categories
- Generic category Cursed/Cursed Aura

Credit for the original code goes to SirSlush.

Sun's Vengeance Shader

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Adds a full-screen shader for the Sun's Vengeance proc.
Check the thread for screenshots.

Constitution Buffs

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Constitution now adds the following bonuses per point: 3 Con, 0.25% max health, 0.5% heal mod, 0.5% Stun Immunity, and 1 Max Stamina.

Marauder Improvements

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A small addon made with Starkeep's guidance, providing some buffs to bring Marauder more in line with other direct melee combat classes.

Current changes:
-Starting HP increased to 110 (from 100)
-Life Rating increased to 2 (from 0)
-Technique/Thuggery changed to a Generic talent tree
-Added Technique/Bloodthirst Class talent tree locked at 1.1 mastery

Update: I have no idea but somehow the Release download was broken. I could have sworn it worked at first. Please use Working Version now.

Version 2 adds the ability to dual wield any one-handed weapon to level 1 Skullcracker.

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