Skirmisher Evolutions

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Adds the following evolutions:

Tap into the wild side of Eyal and enhance your sling mastery with wild-gifts.
Learn Slime, Moss, Call of the Wild, and Fungus at 1.3 mastery.
All of your sling hits have a chance to cast a random Moss talent, centered around the target, or Slime Spit, if all Moss talents are cooling down.
You gain 40% Nature resista nce penetration.
Reqs: 50 Cun, 25 Wil, imbued with draconic power (consume Worm Queen Heart or Wyrm Bile).

Become entangled in the webs of fate and enhance your sling mastery with temporal magic.
Learn Temporal Combat, Stasis, Fate Weaving and Spacetime Weaving at 1.3 mastery.
You gain 25 Def, 25% all res, and 25% reduced negative effect duration after a teleport.
While Dimensional Step is not on cooldown, you have a 25% chance when using a talent to blink randomly in a radius of 3 and tune your Paradox.
You gain 40% Temporal resistance penetration.
Reqs: 50 Cun, 25 Mag, defeat the Chronolith Twin and Clone.

Unleash your hatred to enhance your sling mastery with dark gifts.
Learn Fears, Shadows, Dark Sustenance and Cursed Aura at 1.3 mastery and gain one level in Defiling Touch.
Your sling hits have a chance to cast Instill Fear and your ranged attacks will now bypass allies.
You gain 20 Mindpower per currently summoned Shadow.
Reqs: 50 Cun, 25 Wil, defeat Ben Cruthard, the Cursed.

Harness the power of corruption and enchance your sling mastery with vile power.
Learn Blight, Plague, Torment and Curses at 1.3 mastery.
Your sling hits deal added Blight damage and cause you to enter a bloodlust-induced frenzy, granting a stacking Spellpower bonus.
You gain 40% blight resistance penetration.
Reqs: 50 Cun, 25 Mag, defeat the Rhaloren Inquisitor.

Discover the secrets of the alchemists to construct a handy golem and enhance your sling mastery with icy infusions.
Learn Golemancy, Explosive Admixtures, Frost Alchemy and Stone Alchemy at 1.3 mastery and gain 5 levels in Runic Golem and 1 mana regen.
Your sling hits bypass allies and, if you have alchemist gems in your off-set quiver, each hit has a chance to instantly swap weapon sets and cast Throw Bomb before swapping back.
You gain 40% cold resistance and iceblock piercing and when you apply Ice Armour to your golem it will also gain a damage shield and cast Taunt.
Reqs: 50 Cun, 25 Mag, defeat 5 golems.

Battle Skirmisher:
Embrace the warrior within to become a true menace in battle, no longer limiting yourself to slings, but also striking with your shield, fists, and even your head.
Learn Combat Techniques, Shield Offense, Conditioning and Thuggery at 1.3 mastery.
Weapons Mastery will affect Shields and Unarmed combat, and while you have a sling equipped you will use your Unarmed combat stats as your Mainhand weapon.
Your shield hits will have a 40% chance to trigger a sling attack for 50% damage.
After moving with Rush, you will automatically attack all adjacent foes with Skullcracker. Using Bash and Smash will reset the cooldown of Rush.
Reqs: 50 Dex, 25 Str, defeat 20 foes in melee range.

Bathe in the glow of the sun to enhance your sling mastery with celestial power.
Learn Sun, Radiance, Light and Chants at 1.3 mastery.
All sling hits will deal added light damage, and, if you have a temporary damage shield active, increase its power(up to once per turn).
Additionally, sling hits against foes outside the reach of your Radiance will pull them 2 tiles toward you. If they are pulled into your Radiance, they are pinned for 3 turns.
Finally, if you are affected by Sun's Vengance and Sun Ray is not on cooldown, your sling hits will cast Sun Ray on the target (triggering cooldown as usual).
Reqs:50 Cun, 25 Mag, defeat at least 50 foes on lit tiles

Master your mind and the dream forge to enhance your sling mastery with flying hammers and psionic force.
Learn Dream Smith, Discharge, Dream Forge and Feedback at 1.3 mastery. Investing 8 points in Feedback grants 40 mindpower; 12 points in Discharge grants 60.
Sling hits will trigger Dream Smith talents if they are not on cooldown, prioritizing the highest tier, up to once per turn. Talents triggered this way will strike up to range 10 and trigger cooldown and cost as usual.
All of your fire damage is converted to mind damage, you gain 40% mind resistance penetration, and your sling hits generate 8 Feedback.
Reqs:50 Cun, 25 Wil, defeat a foe while you are sleeping.

Note: Age of Ascendancy specific requirements are waived in other campaigns.

Skirmisher + Annihilator DeJankifier

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Fixes various janky behaviour with Skirmisher, Archer, and Annihilator's projectile effects:

Talents intended to hit instantly now properly do. In basegame, these classes use extremely fast projectiles in an attempt to simulate instant hits. However, this obviously does not work for many reasons, allowing actors to act in the interim (most obnoxiously, stepping out of the way of said attacks). This can no longer happen with this addon.

Grenade Launcher's FX now sync properly with the projectile's impact. In vanilla EoR, the visual shockwave and sound FX are created immediately upon Grenade Launcher triggering, despite the actual projectile having travel time. This addon causes these effects to instead trigger when the grenade actually lands, and additionally adds enhanced VFX for each grenade type.

Talents that now hit instantly:
-Kill Shot
-Noggin Knocker
-Hurricane Shot
-Reactive Armor
-Flamethrower/Flame Jet

This addon tampers with core engine functions. As such I cannot fully guarantee stability or compatibility. Note that Embers of Rage is not required to load this addon.


Revamped Skirmisher

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Revamps the Skirmisher class.

All talents have been re-coded to remove artificial break points in scaling. In most cases, bonuses which were gated by talent level in vanilla will scale in from the first talent point, reaching approximately the same power at the talent level they were previously gated behind.

Many attack talents' damage scaling has been adjusted to bring them more in line with other weapon attack talents. Max damage scaling values remain the same, but talents will scale up to to those values at a rate somewhat closer to other weapon attack talents.

Many attack talents' stamina costs have been reduced to bring them more in line with other weapon attack talents relative to their damage/utility.

Scoundrel is unlocked, master increased to 1.3.
Poisons mastery is increased to 1.3 (from 1.2).
Stealth is granted, locked at 1.0 mastery.

[Buckler Training]
'Buckler Expertise' grants Armor and Hardiness while wearing light armor (values taken from 1.6). The description has also been updated to reflect what it actually does (i.e. it now notes that melee attack deflection does not work in heavy armor).
'Bash and Smash' now scales in the second shield hit as a chance to occur (50-100%). Knockback distance now scales, instead of having an artifical (and hidden) break point.
Moved to level 8 talent.
'Buckler Mastery' no longer has scaling projectile spread radius (projectiles will always be deflected in a radius of 1). Buckler Mastery now grants immunity to damage from your own projectiles. The critical strike for Bash and Smash now scales in as increased crit chance (50-100%) for the shield hit(s).
Moved to level 12 talent.
'Counter Shot' has been replaced with a new level 4 talent:
'Dash and Crash', a talent which will rush toward a targeted foe up to X tiles away, attack with your shield for Y damage, and activate Block for free. If the shield strike hits, the target may be confused for Z turns. Cooldown decreases with level [~20-10 turns].

[Tireless Combatant]
'Tireless Combatant' talents have been changed to use Dexterity (instead of Willpower) as a requirement.
'Breathing Room' now adds stacks of the new 'Breathing Room' effect each turn their are no enemies adjacent to you. The effect increases life and stamina regen and can stack up to 4 times. You will lose one stack per turn if an enemy is adjacent to you.
'Pace Yourself' now grants flat damage armor instead of reduced fatigue.
'Dauntless Challenger' has been reworked. Rather than passively granting regeneration, you can activate the talent to consume all stacks of Breathing Room and gain the Dauntless Challenger effect for X turns. The effect grants 200% of the stamina regen and 400% of the life regen granted by Breathing Room, multiplied by the number of stacks consumed. You cannot gain stacks of Breathing Room while under this effect, but the regeneration from Dauntless Challenger will persist regardless of enemy location, etc.
'The Eternal Warrior' has improved resistance cap scaling, and now scales in the 'Breathing Room' regeneration bonus from 10%-20% (which also improves 'Dauntless Challenger' as a result).

[Skirmisher Slings]
'Sling Supremacy'now allows you to reload when you Block.
'Swift Shot' now resets Hurricane Shot cooldown completely. Additionally, a somewhat obscure but potentially exploitable bug from vanilla has been removed.
'Hurricane Shot' now always hits targets only once, but the damage scaling is doubled. Projectiles from this attack now travel instantly.
'Bombardment' has been completely reworked. It now costs 20 stamina to sustain, causes Shoot to cost 5 stamina, and increases fatigue by 50%. While active, all sling shots which hit will trigger an instant sling attack on the same target for [20-40]% weapon damage. This can trigger from any shot, from any talent, so long as a sling is equipped. This can affect multiple targets and trigger multiple times, but will strike each individual target twice per turn at most.

[Called Shots]
'Called Shots' attack talent projectiles now travel instantly.
'Kneecapper' has improved pin and slow duration scaling.
'Noggin Knocker' now scales up the stun/increase duration, from 1 (at TL 1) to 2 (at ~ TL 5 / TL 4 at 1.3 mastery).
'Sling Sniper' cooldown reduction now scales and it is possible to reach 3 turn reduction with increased mastery.

Skirmisher Buffs

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This addon adds Shield Offense & Shield Defense to the Skirmisher while changing their stat requirements to the greater of Strength or Dexterity, and Tireless Combatant has been changed to only use Dexterity.
Lastly, the Bombardment talent has been completely reworked.

This is my first ever mod, I would like to thank Nsrr & Erenion for making this all possible.

Auto-Acceptable Acrobatics

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This addon is now part of the base game as of version 1.6

Changes the targeting of the talent Technique/Mobility-Tumble so that it is aimed the same way as Vault, making it usable when auto-accept target is enabled.

Rogue Mobility

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Adds the Mobility Generic Tree to:
- Rogues (Locked, 1.3 mastery)
- Skirmishers (Unlocked, 1.1 mastery)


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Allows adventurers to play the game with any combination of other class skills. The adventurer class can now use Skirmisher talents, Stone Warden talents and Cursed Aura, as well as the Tinker system. It also starts with a steam generator, and because I also tend to play with Adventurer Tweaks, it starts with two extra talent and generic points, three extra stat points, and has a mastery of 1.3 in all categories.

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