Revamped Skirmisher

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Revamps the Skirmisher class.
In general, all talents have been re-coded to remove hard break points in scaling, with the exception of Sling Sniper.

Scoundrel is unlocked.

Stealth is granted, locked at 1.0 mastery.

'Buckler Experise' has had the description updated to reflect what it actually does (i.e. it now notes that melee attack deflection does not work in heavy armor).
'Bash and Smash' now scales in the second shield hit as a chance to occur (50-100%).
'Buckler Mastery' no longer has scaling projectile spread radius (projectiles will always be deflected in a radius of 1). Buckler Mastery now grants immunity to damage from your own projectiles. The critical strike for Bash and Smash now scales in as increased crit chance (50-100%) for the shield hit(s).
'Counter Shot' has been replaced with 'Dash and Crash', a talent which will rush toward a targeted foe, strike with your shield, and activate Block for free. If the shield strike hits, the target may be confused.

'Tireless Combatant' talents have been changed to use Dexterity (instead of Willpower) as a requirement.
'Breathing Room' now adds stacks of the new 'Breathing Room' effect each turn their are enemies visible but not adjacent. The effect increases life and stamina regen and can stack up to 4 times. You will lose one stack per turn if an enemy becomes adjacent to you, or all stacks when there are no longer any visible enemies.
'Pace Yourself' now grants flat damage armor instead of reduced fatigue.
'Dauntless Challanger' has been reworked. Rather than passively granting regeneration, you can activate the talent to consume all stacks of Breathing Room and gain the Dauntless Challenger effect for X turns. The effect grants 150% of the stamina regen and 300% of the life regen granted by Breathing Room, multiplied by the number of stacks consumed. You cannot gain stacks of Breathing Room while under this effect, but the regeneration from Dauntless Challenger will persist regardless of enemy location, etc.
'The Eternal Warrior' now scales in the 'Breathing Room' regeneration bonus from 10%-20% (which also improves 'Dauntless Challenger' as a result).

'Hurricane Shot' now always hits tarets up to two times each.
'Bombardment' has been re-coded to honor Hidden Resources and Highborn Bloom resource cost negation. The cost per shot has also been slightly reduced.

'Called Shots' shots now have greatly increased projectile speed.

Skirmisher Buffs

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This addon adds Shield Offense & Shield Defense to the Skirmisher while changing their stat requirements to the greater of Strength or Dexterity, and Tireless Combatant has been changed to only use Dexterity.
Lastly, the Bombardment talent has been completely reworked.

This is my first ever mod, I would like to thank Nsrr & Erenion for making this all possible.

Auto-Acceptable Acrobatics

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Changes the targeting of the talent Technique/Mobility-Tumble so that it is aimed the same way as Vault, making it usable when auto-accept target is enabled.

Rogue Mobility

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Adds the Mobility Generic Tree to:
- Rogues (Locked, 1.3 mastery)
- Skirmishers (Unlocked, 1.1 mastery)


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Allows adventurers to play the game with any combination of other class skills. The adventurer class can now use Skirmisher talents, Stone Warden talents and Cursed Aura, as well as the Tinker system. It also starts with a steam generator, and because I also tend to play with Adventurer Tweaks, it starts with two extra talent and generic points, three extra stat points, and has a mastery of 1.3 in all categories.

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