Stone Warden

Harmony for Stone Warden

Short Name: 

Give Stone Warden a locked Harmony category.

Unlocked Adventurer

Short Name: 

This unlocks various(all?) talents trees at x1.3 for Adventurers, including possessor, stone warden and cursed/cursed aura. This addon REQUIRES possessors to be enabled, meaning you must be a donator, and logged in.

Stone Vines Enabled

Short Name: 

Prevents resting and running from turning Stone Vines off, because that was slightly obnoxious. Currently does not edit the talent tooltip to reflect this change.

Now causes Body Of Stone to disable on rest. Seriously, you'd think the movement-locking sustain would be the one to do this, not the 50% move reduction one.
I guess that means the mod name is misleading now. Meh.


Short Name: 

Allows adventurers to play the game with any combination of other class skills. The adventurer class can now use Skirmisher talents, Stone Warden talents and Cursed Aura, as well as the Tinker system. It also starts with a steam generator, and because I also tend to play with Adventurer Tweaks, it starts with two extra talent and generic points, three extra stat points, and has a mastery of 1.3 in all categories.

Stone Disciple

Short Name: 

Adds Stone Disciple - Stone Warden copypasta usable by any race. Keep in mind that:
-This addon allows you to pick Stone Warden's Talents as Adventurer (of any race)
-This addon still needs Stone Warden's donor feature
-Enemies can spawn with this Class
-Stone Fortress will be useless for non-dwarves
-Xorn Stone Disciples will only get block value from 1st mainhand and 1st offhand shields

Dwarven Adventurers

Short Name: 

This addon adds Stone Warden's Talent Trees to adventurers who play the dwarven race. For this addon to function, the stone warden addon MUST be enabled. This means you must be logged in, and a donator, to use this addon. If you attempt to use it without Stone Warden addon enabled, it will not add the trees, and may create further bugs.

Many thanks to DarkGod for allowing me to release this! Show your appreciation for his wonderful Stone Wardens by Donating.

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