Unlocked Adventurer

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This unlocks various(all?) talents trees at x1.3 for Adventurers, including possessor, stone warden and cursed/cursed aura. This addon REQUIRES possessors to be enabled, meaning you must be a donator, and logged in.

Path of the Sun ASCII bugfix

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Fixes the display bug that prevents the visual indicator of the tiles affected by Path of the Sun in ASCII mode.

Path of the Sun ASCII display bugfix

Fixes the display bug that prevents the visual indicator of the tiles affected by Path of the Sun in ASCII mode.

Shadow Race

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Adds shadow race with bugfix.
Original version accidentally replaced the real Luminescence effect.

Cultists Event Fix

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EDIT - I'm thrilled that this actually became obsolete less than a day after putting it up. I'll leave this up in case someone needs it (I guess if you like the cultists and don't have Ashes this should fix their spawn rate for you too).

This fixes the spawn chance of the Cultists/Monolith event needed to summon Shasshhiy'Kaish and complete the Doom Elf unlock

Tirakai's Maul Fix

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NO LONGER NEEDS TO BE USED. Do not use if you are running 1.3 or higher.

Fixed Tirakai's Maul pre 1.3

Pyrmoancer Fix

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Marson's Speedfix

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Parts of this addon were merged into v1.2.0

Hand armor can slow down unarmed attack speed, but it is also having an impact on talents in the "Technique" category as well, slowing them by about 20%. This addon will update the speed of talents to use shield speed for shield skills, main weapon speed for all others, and if unarmed, it will use the default single-turn energy expendature of other talents not already in the Spell, Mind, or Summon categories.

Talents not in the Technique category, but also modified:

Draconian (Fork)

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Adds Draconians as playable race, with their own starting area. This addon was updated and forked by Aura of the Dawn, in the absence of ajfluffy.

Second branch, due to upload system differences requring a new shortname.

Talent unlearning bugs fix

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Have you ever parked points in a talent with the intention of unlearning them later only to find they've been inexplicably locked in? Ever wished you could get your carefully saved points back? New alchemickal research has provided the solution! Introducing Powdered Unlearn Restorative in an Addon!!

Powdered Unlearn Restorative in an Addon! solves unlearning problems in all these situations:

  1. Wearing and removing items that grant talent levels, like shields, staves, and totems!
  2. Unlearning talents in the normal manner!
  3. Learning and unlearning talents that teach hidden talents as side effects!
  4. Learning and unlearning talents that teach normal talents as side effects!
  5. Learning Prodigy talents!
  6. Unlearning the first point of Passive talents!
  7. Controlling your other party members, like golems or summons!

Some restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited. All claims based on a recent study.

Report any side effects to your local Alchemickal Addon Control Forum.

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