transmogrification chest

Stealth Transmo

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Modifies certain quest artifacts so that using them while no hostiles are in line of sight does not break stealth. Currently supported:

  • Transmogrification Chest
  • Rod of Recall
  • Orb of Many Ways
  • Automated Portable Extractor from the Embers of Rage DLC

Keep Transmo Tab

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Attempts to prevent the "Transmogrification Chest" tab in inventory dialogs from being accidentally deselected after switching to an actor like the Alchemist's golem that doesn't have a transmogrification chest. Also attempts to ensure that the Tinkers tab is not left unselected in the inventory dialog after the player gains talents that make the tab available (for instance, Steamtech/Physics or Steamtech/Chemistry from the Embers of Rage DLC).

Gem Chest

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Extract Gems is now automatically used in the TransmoChest without needing an upgrade.
Raises the price limit for the TransmoChest by x1000 (to 25000).
Removes that annoying popup message each time you go to change levels with items in the chest.
Highlighting arcane and arcane-disrupting items in the chest coming soon (once I can figure out how to code it nicely).

Fixed the mod overwriting the APE code; it works with Embers now. Also raised the APE price limit by x1000 and allowed the APE to give fortress energy in the same way the TransmoChest does, should you meet the requirements.
Highlighting code is still annoying me, not here yet.

Fixed the APE fix. Because my fix was broken and returned 0.00 gold every time. Sorry about that.

Arcane and Arcane Disrupting Transmogrification Chest Highlighting

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Changes the color of the highlight on Arcane and Arcane Disrupting items in the Transmogrification chest.
Items powered by arcane forces are highlighted in purple. Items infused by Arcane Disrupting Forces are highlighted in red. (I couldn't make it pink because the game kept changing the color)
I made this addon to make looking through large amounts of items a bit quicker if you're a mage or antimagic.

Special thanks to Marson. Wouldn't have been able to get this addon going if it weren't for his help and tips throughout.

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