transmogrification chest

Gem Chest

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Extract Gems is now automatically used in the TransmoChest without needing an upgrade.
Raises the price limit for the TransmoChest by x1000 (to 25000).
Removes that annoying popup message each time you go to change levels with items in the chest.
Highlighting arcane and arcane-disrupting items in the chest coming soon (once I can figure out how to code it nicely).

Fixed the mod overwriting the APE code; it works with Embers now. Also raised the APE price limit by x1000 and allowed the APE to give fortress energy in the same way the TransmoChest does, should you meet the requirements.
Highlighting code is still annoying me, not here yet.

Fixed the APE fix. Because my fix was broken and returned 0.00 gold every time. Sorry about that.

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