Particle Cleanup

Particle Cleanup

An experimental addon that attempts to detect and remove "orphaned" particle display effects left behind by temporary status effects or sustained talents. The check is performed automatically on character load, and can also be triggered manually via the keybinding <Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P>.

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Occasional load-breaking bug

Have had couple reports from people that they can no longer load their save with the following error

Initially believed it to be a cross-mod problem with something like Nekarcos' QOL effects but the latest incident had no unofficial addons outside of Particle Cleanup.

I purposefully didn't say "save-breaking" because the fix is very simple: removing Particle Cleanup from the save via editing the desc.lue

[sound F/X: source diving]

[sound F/X: source diving] …what is that code even. Well, you can congratulate your reporters on being the first to trip over orphaned Feeding map particles; I was never able to reproduce those in testing. Release 1.1.3 should fix it. We Apologize for the Inconvenience.™

For the record, if you ever

For the record, if you ever need to get Feed "stuck" in the future, just cast it on a dude and then Fearscape and bam, it's stuck on the map :D I'd imagine same thing happens with See the Threads/Revisionist history shenanigans (changing floor with em on etc)