arcane blade

Pulverize Again

Short Name: 

Restores Pulverizing Auger as an Arcane Combat option.

Arcane Combat Mod Merge

Short Name: 
Combines multiple good mods that enhance various aspects of Arcane Combat, with some edits to resolve compatibility issues:
  • Arcane Combat Tweaks by Zizzo
  • Adventurous Arcane Combat by astralInferno
  • Arcane Blade Tweaks by grayswandir
Features from the combined mods:
  • Allows control over which spells AC will cast when set to 'random'
  • Can change spells without resetting AC sustain
  • More spells work with AC
  • Gives the Arcane Destruction talent more flexibility
  • Stat requirements use Str or Dex, whichever is higher
  • AC autocast tries to aim spells to hit multiple enemies
Some additions:
  • Config panel for all the added options
  • Option to enable even more spells/mind/steampowers
  • Compatible with AOE spells
  • Magical Combat talents work with ranged weapons

Arcane Combat Tweaks

Short Name: 

Tweaks to the Arcane Command configuration dialog. Notable features:

  • More flexible configuration, allowing each applicable spell to be enabled or disabled individually.
  • The configuration dialog can now be accessed via the right-click talent binding menu.
  • New game option "Arcane Combat configure on activate" to control whether the configuration dialog is shown on talent activation.

Adventurous Arcane Combat

Short Name: 

Modifies Arcane Combat to function with all bolt/beam spells. Except Temporal Bolt.

Arcane Blade Tweaks

Short Name: 

Some minor tweaks to the Arcane Blade:

- Arcane Combat now chooses it's target randomly from all targets in a cone, instead of just firing in a straight line.
- Arcane Combat picks spells based on the talent levels of those spells. If you have level 2 Flame and level 4 Lightning, Lightning will be chosen twice as often.

Arcane Blade: Staff Combat Option

Short Name: 

Gives the Arcane Blade class the option to unlock staff combat (at 1.1 mastery). Slightly changes the staff combat tree to be a blend of martial and magical prowess.

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