Stoneblade Evolution for Arcane Blade

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Adds a new class evolution for Arcane Blade, the Stoneblade.

Wielded two-handed weapons will use the increased procs damage accuracy bonus
Earthen Missles become bolts (rather than projectiles, causing them to strike instantly and benefit from the increased procs damage acc. bonus)
Mudslide will pull creatures in (instead of knock them back)
Activating Body of Stone will cast Earthquake for free (centered on yourself and ignoring friendly targets)
While Body of Stone is sustained your melee attacks gain range equal to the radius of your Earthquake spell

To unlock the evolution, defeat Harkor'Zun as an Arcane Blade. Learning the Prodigy requires that you know Body of Stone and have at least 25 Magic and Strength.

Stone Redone!

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Makes a number of changes/improvements to the Earth and Stone spell trees to bring their combined utility/power level more in line with their elemental counterpoints, integrating them better with each other and (hopefully!) providing a more sensible, unified package for the three classes that share them.

Changes from basegame:

Body of Stone has been significantly buffed to bring it up to par with its counterparts in the other advanced elemental trees as a spell that expands the earth spell family's functionality into a new playstyle -- that of a stationary "artillery" that trades mobility for field control and durability:
Body of Stone's cooldown reduction now scales up to 50% at max level, and the reduction now rounds to nearest, meaning at max level Pulverising Auger has a cooldown of only 1 turn;
Body of Stone now reduces the cooldown of Stone Spikes, integrating it more into Stone Warden's gameplay;
Body of Stone's fire/lightning/acid resistance has been replaced with physical/fire/lightning flat damage reduction, improving its protective capabilities;
Body of Stone now grants knockback and teleport resistance, making it less likely to be broken by enemies and useful in places such as Dark Crypt or Vor Pride;
Body of Stone now automatically unsustains (with no cooldown) when exiting combat as QoL;
Body of Stone has new visual effects!

Crystalline Focus's save bonus has been replaced with an additional chance for all damaging Earth, Stone, and Eldritch Stone spells to stun targets; combined with Earthen Missiles' and Earthquake's multihit (the latter of which has the bonus added to its native stun chance) and Body of Stone's cooldown reduction, earth mages can now repeatedly stun vulnerable enemies, impairing their damage and talent cooldowns. This also aids their utility for Stone Warden and Arcane Blade, for whom the damage from Earth spells falls off quickly compared to weapon damage.

Mudslide can now be aimed at yourself for a radial attack that pulls enemies in, making the talent more desirable for Stone Warden and Arcane Blade (particularly in conjunction with Body of Stone which would otherwise prevent them from engaging foes in melee).
Additionally, Mudslide now pulls and pushes targets in order of distance, making it behave much better against groups of foes.

Stone Skin's cooldown reduction is now compatible with Stone Spikes, similarly to Crystalline Focus and Body of Stone.

This addon hard-overloads the entire data files for the Earth, Stone, and Eldritch Stone talents, and so will almost certainly be incompatible with addons that make changes to the aforementioned.

Earth Mage

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Adds the Earth Mage as a mage class that combines earth magics with wild gifts.
Earth Mages have learned the basics of how to create and use alchemist gems, but developed their own specialized uses as well.

Mana and equilibrium are their resources and their most important stat is Magic followed by Willpower and Constitution.
They use some existing talent trees from Archmage and Stone Warden, and have a new class tree: Spell / Lapidary.
Their playstyle is multitarget, area of effect, and damage over time, with a lot of options for survivability.

-- generic
Spell / Stone alchemy
Spell / Conveyance
Wild-gift / Harmony
-- locked
Cunning / Survival

-- class
Spell / Earth (x1.0 instead of the normal x1.3 to encourage play other than spamming Pulverizing Auger constantly)
Spell / Explosive admixtures
Spell / Eldritch stone
Wild-gift / Earthen vines
Spell / Lapidary
-- locked
Spell / Stone
Spell / Deeprock

Spell / Lapidary:

Living Stone - Sustained
Like stone, you are not easily moved nor damaged. While active, increases your resistances to being teleported and knocked back by %d%% and increases your physical resistance by %d%%.
Physical resistance increases with Constitution.
Also, resting will decrease your equilibrium by %0.2f per turn.

Liquefaction - Activated
Crush an alchemist gem and use the released power to vibrate the ground so quickly that it partially liquifies. Targets an area of radius %d dealing %d physical damage per turn with a 25%% chance to stun.
The vibrations last for for %d turns.
You have just enough control over the vibrations to not affect yourself.
The damage done will increase with your Spellpower.

Rejuvenation - Activated
Use two alchemist gems to surround yourself with rejuvenating aura, increasing health regeneration by %d and mana regeneration by 1000%% for %d turns.
Health regeneration increases with Constitution.

Cleansing Crystals - Activated
Consume five alchemist gems to remove up to %d effects (good effects from foes, and bad effects from friends) from the target.
At level 3, it can be targeted.

Initial release

Fixed Cleansing Crystals to clean more than just magic effects as intended.

Classic Pulverizing Auger

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Restores classic Pulverizing Auger's range, cd and damage while keeping new functionality.

A simple mod to restore Pulverizing Auger's old identity as a shorter range spell with higher damage. What this does:

[*] CD back to 6
[*] Range back to the old 3 to 7 scaling (8 fully invested with Archmage)
[*] Damage increased by a fair chunk (20, 230 scaling back to 30, 300)

What it keeps:

[*] Physical damage amp when digging a tile (6 turns)
[*] Same digging limits (scaling from 1 to 5)
[*] Can synergize with new beam class evolution
[*] Probably something I forgot

Pulverize Again

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Restores Pulverizing Auger as an Arcane Combat option.


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This addon is home to bonus races, objects, and even a custom zone, for all your turtle pleasures.

Turtle - The normal, all around tanky subrace. Destroy your foes with potent damage reflection and regenerative properties.
MegaTurtle - Imagine normal Turtle, turned up to 11.
EarthTurtle - Potent damage reduction and save powers. The purely defensive focused Turtle.
IceTurtle - Melee's nightmare, fights with constant damage shields, ice blocks, and cold damage reflection.
VolcanicTurtle - Incredible aoe potency. The purely melee focused Turtle.

Tauntlets - Gauntlets with the power to block.
A multitude of varied Artifacts.

The Turtlemire - Home to all Turtles, face off against all 5 Turtle subraces.
Ancient Turtle Cave - Home to the great Turtle Demigod Rex, make your way through 3 powerful Bosses, Rex himself, and claim your rewards.

All subraces can be found in the game as npc opponents.

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