This addon is home to bonus races, objects, and even a custom zone, for all your turtle pleasures.

Turtle - The normal, all around tanky subrace. Destroy your foes with potent damage reflection and regenerative properties.
MegaTurtle - Imagine normal Turtle, turned up to 11.
EarthTurtle - Potent damage reduction and save powers. The purely defensive focused Turtle.
IceTurtle - Melee's nightmare, fights with constant damage shields, ice blocks, and cold damage reflection.
VolcanicTurtle - Incredible aoe potency. The purely melee focused Turtle.

Tauntlets - Gauntlets with the power to block.
A multitude of varied Artifacts.

The Turtlemire - Home to all Turtles, face off against all 5 Turtle subraces.
Ancient Turtle Cave - Home to the great Turtle Demigod Rex, make your way through 3 powerful Bosses, Rex himself, and claim your rewards.

All subraces can be found in the game as npc opponents.

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bringing attention to

  • bringing attention to one-of-kind, amazing addon of size and quality* Upade please!

Ice Turtle Damage Shell Generating LUA Errors On LAVA Tiles

I'm not sure if it's only due to my combination of addons but if i walk on any damaging lava tiles/turf, with the icy shell sustain active I get LUA errors as if its trying to damage the lava floor for hurting me

Sandworm lair

Is there any feasable way to do the sandworm lair as a turtle? You move once every two turns the sandworms move, which would get you stuck in the sand and suffocate.

MegaTurtle - OP?

Does anyone else feel like the megaturtle build is a bit OP?

Not really. They compensate

Not really. They compensate for being extremely tanky, by having incredibly slow global speed. When you can only attack once every few turns, you have to play an entirely different style. It's actually quite entertaining and different from more normal characters. There have been surprisingly few megaturtle winners, that speed starts to REALLY hurt in the later portions of the game.