Telekinetically Swap Tinkers

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Applies the existing "Gameplay | Swap tinkers" game option when wielding objects in the telekinetic slot via the Telekinetic Grasp talent, so that attached tinkers will (if requested) be transferred automatically from the old telekinetically-wielded item to the new one.

(NOTE: If you are using this addon in conjunction with Use Item Shortcuts, you should upgrade the latter to release 2.13.0 or later. Similarly, if you are using this addon in conjunction with ZOmnibus Addon Pack or ZOmnibus Lite, you should upgrade the latter to release 17.7.4 or later.)

Bikini Tinker

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Slightly modifies internal tinker implementation so that attaching or detaching a tinker on a bikini or mankini does not count as taking it off for purposes of the associated achievement.

Summons can use tinkers

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Largely ease the use of tinkers with summons that can wear equipment.
Without the addon, all tinker attachment must be done by the summoner.
With the addon, this can be done directly by the summon when you control it.

Weapon Schematics for Tinkers at Birth

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Adds class-appropriate weapon schematics to the birth definition of Tinker classes. Requires Embers of Rage DLC.

Based on a suggestion by Mel.

Ghoul MultiFork - Neg. Healing Mod Instead of Neg. Speed, also Ghoul Buff + Ghouls Dont Breathe Tinker Fix

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Replaces the Ghoul Global Speed Penalty of the default 1.5.5 game with a starting healing mod of 51% (compared to normal).

Also includes Ghouls Don't Breathe features (thanks blortad) with an added fix I made so tinker inscriptions (Embers of Rage DLC feature unlocked in original campaign) don't get overwritten. Ghoul Buff (thanks StarKeep and of course DarkGod) is included in its entirety:

Ghoul Buff:
Tweaks the 1st and 4th Ghoul Racials.
1st for general usefulness, now grants flat damage reduction instead.
4th for general usefulness, now checks your Str+Con against Physical Save, and spawns infinite duration, slowly decaying, ghoul summons.

Ghoul MultiFork general details:
The base healing mod increases by 1% each level, and then becomes greater than 1 if you go past level 50 (levels greater than 50 only available in Infinite Dungeon). Of course Constitution, items and other factors (such as current zone effects, negative effects, sustains, passive effects and maximum healing mod value) can and do affect your final healing mod value.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH: Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM, Ghoul Buff addon, Ghouls Dont Breathe addon, Ghoul Global Speed Tweak addon because they change similar things.

ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

This addon OVERLOADS the Ghoul racial skills file to add the 1% healing mod bonus per level and incorporate the Ghoul Buff features:

This addon also uses a 'ToME:load' HOOK to change the default ghoul global speed to 100%, to remove the requirement for ghouls to breathe, to set the basic healing factor, and to change the character creation text.

Intrinsic Deception - No Cloak Required

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UPDATE 1.0.2: Fixed issue with escorts not appearing. Fix applies to new characters only.

ADDON DETAILS: Fork of kvaak's Uncloak of Inconvenience Addon, so only the faction gets changed to Allied Kingdoms, and the rest of the data (including starting inscriptions) is left unchanged. This enables Undead Tinkers in Maj'Eyal campaign to have the correct starting inscriptions.

There is now no Cloak of Deception, existing or needed. Use this instead of the Uncloak of Inconvenience addon.

Version 1.0.1 also makes sure that new undead characters are addressed as human by the NPCs that address you by race. With this addon active, all new characters that have the undead attribute will be addressed as human, even Whitehooves from Embers Races in Maj'Eyal Campaign addon: https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/orcsallraces

BASE GAME AND ADDON NOTE: I have discovered that because the check in the default 1.5.5 ToME game for Zigur patrols and betraying to Zigur doesn't check whether the player is undead, that Undead Tinkers start friendly to Zigur and can betray to Zigur until they get some spells or runes. However, the appearance of the Zigur town IS dependent on not being undead, so it is not possible to become anti-magic. Also, undead in Maj'Eyal campaign properly can't use infusions or nature powers, so that part is working as intended.

So this addon is fine, it's just that the base 1.5.5 game currently doesn't make Zigur hostile and betraying to Zigur impossible merely because you're undead (read: have arcane aura that can be detected by Zigur). It requires you to have spells or runes, which Undead non-tinkers have, but Undead Tinkers only have neutral Steamtech implants or generators.

To properly play an Undead Tinker in Maj'Eyal campaign (with or without addons, as this is the same even with only official game and DLC), I suggest that you do not betray to Zigur and don't use arcane disrupting gear (which should disrupt the normal actions of an undead, but doesn't currently in 1.5.5).

ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

These game files are OVERLOADED (replaced with an edited version when the addon is running):

So any mod that doesn't touch these overloaded files should be compatible.

This function is SUPERLOADED to insert the fake_race and fake_subrace properties (which shouldn't affect anything else apart from making NPCs address you as human):

A 'ToME:load' HOOK applies the faction change for the undead player to Allied Kingdoms.

Tinker Tooltips

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Changes the descriptions of the six talents used in making tinkers to show the levels required to make each object. I was sick of looking them up. I'm not sure what's going on with the double-rectangle symbols showing up on newlines in the descriptions, if anyone knows a way to remedy it let me know.

Automated Portable Extractor (APE) Tweak

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Tweak to make the APE also generate Fortress Energy, for using tinkers in the main Maj'Eyal campain. Also lets Adventurers start with an APE and equipment for tinker classes, even if you haven't unlocked that achievement the normal way.

Note: this does not auto-extract gems with Stone Alchemy.

Tinker Tinkering

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A collection of small quality-of life tweaks for tinker-using characters in the Embers of Rage DLC. Notable changes:

  • New tinker recipe Regeneration Salve.
  • In the Create Tinker dialog, place initial focus in the recipes list for ease of keyboard navigation.
  • Expand the descriptions of schematics in tinker stores and recipes in the Create Tinker dialog to include more useful information.
  • For characters with both a transmogrification chest and an Automated Portable Extractor, the latter will automatically be used for items that yield ingredients when melted, and the former will be used for the rest for fortress energy (controlled by game options "Gameplay | Multiplexed transmogrification" and "Gameplay | Multiplexed transmogrification minimum tier").
  • Schematics for tinkers you've already learned can optionally be listed in a different color in stores and in player inventory for easier distinction (controlled by game option "Gameplay | Highlight learned schematics in stores").


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Allows adventurers to play the game with any combination of other class skills. The adventurer class can now use Skirmisher talents, Stone Warden talents and Cursed Aura, as well as the Tinker system. It also starts with a steam generator, and because I also tend to play with Adventurer Tweaks, it starts with two extra talent and generic points, three extra stat points, and has a mastery of 1.3 in all categories.

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