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Ghoul MultiFork - Neg. Healing Mod Instead of Neg. Speed, also Ghoul Buff + Ghouls Dont Breathe Tinker Fix

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Replaces the Ghoul Global Speed Penalty of the default 1.5.5 game with a starting healing mod of 51% (compared to normal).

Also includes Ghouls Don't Breathe features (thanks blortad) with an added fix I made so tinker inscriptions (Embers of Rage DLC feature unlocked in original campaign) don't get overwritten. Ghoul Buff (thanks StarKeep and of course DarkGod) is included in its entirety:

Ghoul Buff:
Tweaks the 1st and 4th Ghoul Racials.
1st for general usefulness, now grants flat damage reduction instead.
4th for general usefulness, now checks your Str+Con against Physical Save, and spawns infinite duration, slowly decaying, ghoul summons.

Ghoul MultiFork general details:
The base healing mod increases by 1% each level, and then becomes greater than 1 if you go past level 50 (levels greater than 50 only available in Infinite Dungeon). Of course Constitution, items and other factors (such as current zone effects, negative effects, sustains, passive effects and maximum healing mod value) can and do affect your final healing mod value.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH: Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM, Ghoul Buff addon, Ghouls Dont Breathe addon, Ghoul Global Speed Tweak addon because they change similar things.

ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

This addon OVERLOADS the Ghoul racial skills file to add the 1% healing mod bonus per level and incorporate the Ghoul Buff features:

This addon also uses a 'ToME:load' HOOK to change the default ghoul global speed to 100%, to remove the requirement for ghouls to breathe, to set the basic healing factor, and to change the character creation text.

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