Automated Portable Extractor (APE) Tweak

Automated Portable Extractor (APE) Tweak

Tweak to make the APE also generate Fortress Energy, for using tinkers in the main Maj'Eyal campain. Also lets Adventurers start with an APE and equipment for tinker classes, even if you haven't unlocked that achievement the normal way.

Note: this does not auto-extract gems with Stone Alchemy.

Automated Portable Extractor (APE) Tweak forum discussion thread
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Name Module Version Required Released File
wet floor hazard 1.7.4 2023-03-07 04:21
This is what happens when you break an md5 sum 1.3.0 2017-05-26 20:54
Now with 400% more violence! 1.3.0 2017-05-26 20:45
Blundering toward meltdown 1.3.0 2017-05-25 23:58

Can you grant APE for adventurers too at start?

There are one such mod(adventurers_unlocked) and it has too much unwanted modification.
Only if it's not too hard. Thanks!


Sure, I can do that easily with another quick splice, and you gave a convenient hint that I can cheat and look at SirSlush's mod (so it doesn't take half an hour of digging through code to figure out *which* files to edit) ...okay, that took longer than expected because it required digging around in several different files and a lot of trial and error. I had forgotten, but when you unlock the ability to use tinker classes in the Maj'Eyal campaign and enable the Escort quests to get the skills, that achievement ALSO gives Adventurers an APE (spoiler: requires doing a certain thing in Embers of Rage) and is unaffected by class-unlock mods.

So I just added the item(s) to the adventurer class itself (which may result in duplicate items) and shouldn't cause any problems and any other class mods that change the Adventurer class will just overwrite this addition... so if you use those you'll have to unlock via the achievement.

Sorry I didn't notice your message until today. It would be kinda convenient if would email me when someone comments/replies (is that a feature?)


Can you please update your mod? Because it likes to throw error every time new character is created. I don't know if it works (haven't got far enough with characters) but there is obviously problem with 1.5.0


I've tried testing it, and didn't get any errors when I disabled all other mods and ran with only ape-tweak.

One of the other mods caused it to exit back to the main menu before showing the character creation screen (not sure which one) so 1.5.0 definitely makes some mods wonky, but if it's giving you an error message can you copy/paste it?