Infinite Dungeon Merchants

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4 NPCs will now spawn in Infinite Dungeon that can sell spells trees, stat points, sub stats & can imbue items for you.

There are 19 talent trees (249 talents) available for purchase:
Archmage, Alchemist, Necromancy, Chronomancy, Psionic, Celestial, Anorithil, Oozemancer, Berserker, Rouge, Archer, Arcane Blade, Summoner, Wyrmic, StoneWarden, Corruptor, Cursed, Demented & Steamtech!

Can increase your stats and sub stats:
(STR/DEX/MAG/WIL/CUN/CON and phys/mag/ment resistance and criticals)

Imbue items:
imbue (ANY) jewelry, armor & weapons that are in the game including rares/epics/uniques! And imbue them as many times with as many different gems as you want can afford!

The NPCs that spawn are: Adriel, Sun Paladin, Zemek & Gurock. They are broken down into catagories Adriel=nature SunPaladin=combat Zemek=spells Gurock=tinkerer.

      • This addon is NOT compatible with the story mode, it wont crash the game or anything but will turn some factions hostile. If you want to buy spells in the main story check out my addon at the bottom.
      • DLC is NOT required to play this addon, talents that require a dlc will be clearly noted next to the talent, if you don't own a dlc and try to purchase a dlc talent the gold will be removed but the talent wont be acquired.

IMPORTANT: I am unable to respond to comments on this site as my comments keep getting blocked as spam! If you have issues/bugs/requests you will need to post your comment on the STEAM Workshop addon page here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1734628585 So I can see/respond to you there.

@iwantpizza The stores appear randomly in the walls (they appear as shop signs) they can be hard to see.. I plan on modifying the signs so they stand out more in a future update.
@iwantpizza The stores are very rare I've tried to find something in the code to increase the spawn rates but I've been unsuccessful, I am however confident that I can now spawn npcs who can actually talk... It will just take a lot of code rewriting.
@iwantpizza NPCs will now spawn that will sell the spells, they are much more common than the stores, so you shouldn't have a problem finding them. (you will have to start a new game for them to spawn)
@Zaive Makes sense, the merchants faction is "sunwall" (sun paladin) ...should I change it... I don't know, I have mixed feelings. It makes sense none of them would even want to talk to an undead...

If you are interested in a main story mode version you can get it here:

  • WARNING* This addon is NOT compatible with the story mode, it won't crash the game or anything but will turn some factions hostile. If you want to buy spells in the main story you can *Disable* this mod -in game- ("Main menu" > "addons") and install my addon above!

Big thanks to hunter on te4.org for testing features and giving feedback! This addon would not have been possible without him!

Weapon Schematics for Tinkers at Birth

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Adds class-appropriate weapon schematics to the birth definition of Tinker classes. Requires Embers of Rage DLC.

Based on a suggestion by Mel.

Shoot Tweak

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This addon will cause all actors to generate with the 'Shoot' talent. Useful for Adventurers in particular.

nsrr's Exotic Weapons

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Adds more Whips and Tridents to the game. Formerly, this was part of my Naloren Race add-on.

Tridents are unchanged, aside from rarity.
As vanilla ToME only has artifact whips, this add-on adds base whips of all teirs. Whips require dexterity, have an 80% dexterity damage modifier, and have a +procs damage accuracy bonus (the same as staves).
Additionally, whips and tridents can be purchased from weapon stores (dagger and mace shops, respectively) and purchased from the rand art merchant. Affected shops have had their inventory size slightly increased to adjust for the greaeter variety.

Credits: I borrowed the whip graphic from grayswandir's Weapon Pack add-on, and bits of code for adding exotics to shops and the rand art merchant from HousePet's Midnight add-on.

Crossbows Fork

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Adds Crossbows and Bolts. Both require Strength to equip. Crossbows use Bow mastery and should work with talents that require a bow. Bolts do less damage than Arrows but have slightly more crit and much higher APR. Bolts have 70% Str 30% Dex modifier. Bolts also have smaller quivers. Crossbows fire slower than Longbows and have an APR accurcy bonus rather tha a crit bonus. Crossbows pick up Longbow egos and Bolts pick up Ammo egos. They will drop from NPCs and be availabe from merchants.

Unlock Exotic Mastery

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Are you tired of needing to rescue a Warrior escort before you can train Exotic Mastery? Then this is the addon for you!

This addon gives access to the Exotic Weapons Mastery talent by default so it can be trained on any character with Technique/Combat Training. It should be compatible will all other addons.

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