Arcane Archer

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Adds the Arcane Archer, a warrior subclass.
The Arcane Archer is exactly as it says on the tin.

Class: Wisp

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A new class, a psionic archer who starts with the powers of hypnosis, light telekinesis, and control over fabric.
They use only Psi as their resource.
They are unlocked along with Mindslayers.

Class Talents
Technique/Psychic Marksman - Use willpower instead of strength and focus on shooting extremely accurately.
Technique/Psychic Shots - Shoot arrows that pierce targets, knock enemies around, or change direction midair.
Psionic/Idol - Surround yourself with hypnotic auras. The first 3 talents in this unusual tree can be learned in any order.
Psionc/Noumena - Strange manifestations of energy let you disable enemies and hide yourself from view.
Technique/Arrowstorm - (locked) Ranged Combat, but at close range.
Psionic/Unleash Abomination - (locked) Shoot arrows when attacked, shoot arrows when you shoot arrows, and make enemies into arrows.
Psionic/Unleash Nightmare - (locked) Put enemies to sleep and torment them in their dreams.

Generic Talents
Psionic/Mindshaped Materials - Reinforce your light armor, pin enemies down, and summon walls using your command of fine materials.
Psionic/Mindprison - (locked) Put stolen minds to work speeding you up, clearing effects, and recharging your talents.
Psionic/Augmented Mobility

There is also an evolution prodigy for this class, Incarnate Storm.

Incompatible with https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/mv-greenwatch

Archery Addons Patch for ToME 1.6.4+

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This is a patch for addons with 'archery' talents that have not been updated since the 1.6.4 change to archerPreUse .

Assuming they were still functioning as of 1.6.3, this patch should allow them to function once again. I can confirm this works with both Zephyr and Viper class addons, but I have not tested it further.

Save files which have been affected by this change will cause the game to flash black and freeze, as will attempting to create a new character that would learn an affected talent at birth, or when learning an affected talent later on, or when an enemy spawns with an affected talent. There will be no error pop-up in game if this happens, but the error can still be found in te4_log.txt and should be repeated many times at the end of the file. If you see an error that refers to an addon and archerPreUse, this patch should solve the issue.


Short Name: 

Adds the Mindslinger as a new, Yeek-only, Psionic subclass.
Mindslingers wield slings in their main-hand and telekenetic weapon slots and gain many bonuses while their off-hand slot is empty, ranging from defense to added procs on ranged attacks.
One part Mindslayer, one part Solipsist, a dash of Skirmisher, just a pinch of Arcane Blade and Cursed, and 100% Grade-A Yeek.

New Talents:

Master the sling and your mind to fire shots infused with Psionic energy.

Learn cunning off-hand gestures to focus your mind and perform powerful defense and offensive feats.

Master the use of Feedback and charge your shots with potent mental forces.

More details in the forum thread.

Icons from game-icons.net

Steam Witch

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Adds the Steam Witch, a Tinker sub-class. The Steam Witch was born into time magic but found the ordered ways of the Wardens boring and struck out to find a path of their own. Travelling through time and space they found an affinity for technology and integrated their time magic with steam mechanisms.

Steam Witches are a ranged attack and spell casting class. Their tl;dr description is ‘magical Psyshot’. Class highlights:

Mystic Combat: Steam Witches fight with a steamgun in one hand and a dagger in other, projecting ranged dagger attacks when attacking with the steamgun. Successful dagger attacks will trigger additional effects based on a selected Touch ability (possible magical attack, magic enhancement, or lifesteal regeneration).
Timegear: Use steam-powered devices that are infused with magical effects.
Hexes: Cast hexes on enemies to render them vulnerable to damage types. Later abilities add damage-over-time and effect vulnerabilities to hexes, plus a special attack based on the hexes a target is afflicted with.
Witchbrews: Customize your character build with one of three Brew sustains that enhance either combat, magic, or steampower.
Future Relics: Activate powerful offensive and defensive abilities that require a turn and a large amount of steam to charge up.
Time Magic: Phase away from enemies, deflect and delay damage, repair your timeline, summon a spider familiar, and create walls out of thin air! Be careful though, as Steam Witches lack the rigorous training of Chronomancers and thus do not benefit from and have less control over Paradox.
Clockwork Menagerie: Command an array of mechanical creatures just short of a winged monkey with cymbals.

      • 1.2.0 Update: Extensive talent tree modifications/additions; new character creation required for talent changes.

Requires Embers of Rage to play.

Link to forum: http://forums.te4.org/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=49638
Link to Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1853297099

Grove Keeper

Short Name: 

Adds the Grove Keeper, a Wilder subclass. The Grove Keeper is pirmarily a mindpower-caster with limited summoning ability, but has the option to mix slings, or one-handed weapons and unarmed attacks, into their skill set. They are also able to become proficient with mindstars and focus wholly on mind-casting. Includes advanced class categories favoring either weapon-hybrid or mind-casting play style, with the advanced hybrid tree working equally well for ranged or melee.

Full details in the forum.
Talent icons from https://game-icons.net
Class icon from https://opengameart.org/content/painterly-spell-icons-part-3

The Enforcer

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Adds the Enforcer. Armed with shield and steamgun, the Enforcer utilizes suppressive fire and crafted grenades of all types to permanently remove foes.

Talent icons are from http://game-icons.net/ , cass icon is from https://opengameart.org/content/painterly-spell-icons-part-1 .

Shoot Tweak

Short Name: 

This addon will cause all actors to generate with the 'Shoot' talent. Useful for Adventurers in particular.

White Monk

Short Name: 

Adds the White Monk, a warrior subclass.

The White Monk wields no arms, instead using intense focus and training to turn their body into a weapon. They fend off enemy blows with their immense willpower and can preform healing and regenerative rites. Primary stats are Dexterity and Willpower. White Monks have the unique ability to project unarmed melee attacks at a distance, with talents that allow them to strike many targets in a area, as well. White Monks have a base damage modifier for hand gear of 60% Dex and 60% Wil, and gain some of the same benefits to unarmed attacks as Brawlers.

Includes seven new talent trees and incorporates a few existing trees from Warrior and Rogue classes.

Rending - Attack your foes from afar and sap their energy.

Mending - Heal and cleanse yourself and even prepare a rite that can ward off death itself.

Fending (generic) - Ward off enemy assaults, directing some damage to your stamina pool.

Agile Combatant - Move across the battlefield with unmatched agility.

Martial Arts - Master the art of unarmed fighting and gain bonus strikes from your attacks.

Black Belt (locked) - Learn advanced fighting techniques to cripple your foes and react with finely honed reflexes.

Transcending(locked) - Directly manipulate your foes' spirits to sap their energy and learn to project your spirit to assail all nearby foes.

Follow one of the Six Ways with a set of class evolutions for the White Monk:

Way of the Rushing Bull

Way of the Flying Arrow

Way of the Open Palm

Way of the Arcane Flow

Way of the Transcendent Spirit

Way of the Hidden Viper

Full details in the forum thread.

Hybrid Class Pack

Short Name: 

Adds a number of hybridized classes. Currently only remixes existing classes and talents.
Chrono Ranger - A tinker subclass, blending chronomancer and gunslinger
Essence Reaver - An afflicted mage, turned from more conventional magics to darkness and shadow

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