Steam Witch

Steam Witch

Adds the Steam Witch, a Tinker sub-class. The Steam Witch was born into time magic but found the ordered ways of the Wardens boring and struck out to find a path of their own. Travelling through time and space they found an affinity for technology and integrated their time magic with steam mechanisms.

Steam Witches are a ranged attack and spell casting class. Their tl;dr description is ‘magical Psyshot’. Class highlights:

Mystic Combat: Steam Witches fight with a steamgun in one hand and a dagger in other, projecting ranged dagger attacks when attacking with the steamgun. Successful dagger attacks will trigger additional effects based on a selected Touch ability (possible magical attack, magic enhancement, or lifesteal regeneration).
Timegear: Use steam-powered devices that are infused with magical effects.
Hexes: Cast hexes on enemies to render them vulnerable to damage types. Later abilities add damage-over-time and effect vulnerabilities to hexes, plus a special attack based on the hexes a target is afflicted with.
Witchbrews: Customize your character build with one of three Brew sustains that enhance either combat, magic, or steampower.
Future Relics: Activate powerful offensive and defensive abilities that require a turn and a large amount of steam to charge up.
Time Magic: Phase away from enemies, deflect and delay damage, repair your timeline, summon a spider familiar, and create walls out of thin air! Be careful though, as Steam Witches lack the rigorous training of Chronomancers and thus do not benefit from and have less control over Paradox.
Clockwork Menagerie: Command an array of mechanical creatures just short of a winged monkey with cymbals.

      • 1.2.0 Update: Extensive talent tree modifications/additions; new character creation required for talent changes.

Requires Embers of Rage to play.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Steam Witch 1.3.1 1.5.10 2019-10-03 20:32
Steam Witch 1.3 1.5.10 2019-08-31 01:47
Steam Witch 1.2.1 1.5.10 2019-08-27 07:37
Steam Witch 1.2.0 1.5.10 2019-08-23 22:45
Steam Witch 1.0.2 1.5.10 2019-08-12 22:47
Steam Witch 1.0.1 1.5.10 2019-08-09 05:56
Steam Witch 1.5.10 2019-08-06 23:58

Unintended consequence?

I think you've given the Steam Witch her fixed Spacetime Tuning in a way that's overwritten the paradox tuning for other mod classes and Adventurers?

Permanent Crit Stacking?

It seems like the crit stacking buff from Vintage of Violence is, or can be, made permanent... I just cleared out Trollmire and my crit chances are both 122%, with no boosting equipment at level 7. I don't think I have any other addons which could be interfering here. You can check out my character 'Erniad' for the addon list if it is actually relevant. Otherwise, very fun (at least up to level 7 :P).

re: Permanent Crit Stacking?

That's a critical catch, thank you! New version released to address this issue.

A minor fix

I found this addon recently and love the idea of a hybrid temporal/steam/magic class. I tried one out in the ID and have gotten her to around floor 30ish and also to almost Lv. 40. Hasted Gunnery is incredible and has actually saved me a few times. :) But one minor thing stuck out to me in a talent name: the talent "Inevitability" is misspelled as "Inevitibility". This isn't too serious for me to prevent me from enjoying the class, but I just figured I should point this out, because typos can be considered to be QA issues.

re: A Minor fix

Thank you for the QA note; incorrect spelling pains me so I'll have to address that in the next update. Glad you're enjoying the class!

hm, interesting...

clockwork pets are quite interesting, but is it WAD that the cat has no level requirement? Also, I meant to remove either Track, or chronomancer scrying, noot both. ;) Witch Sight scrying can't cover that, as it can't be activated when you need it. Replacement for Spin I'm not sure is necessary. Got somewhat confused at switches between Class and Generic. Thank you for your work again.

v1.2 Comments

Good catch on Cat requirements, will fix in next update!

Considering options to re-introduce Track mechanics in the future.

I switched the trees around a bit based on forum comments about keeping theme-heavy talents on the Class-side.

survival redundant

It would be better to either make Survival unlocked or remove it altogether. As is, it's just not worth a Category point as the class already has both scry and detect stealth. Especially as it is quite hungry for Generic points (in my current run I'm just now at lvl 20+ thinking about upgrading Spin or getting Continngency, while when I play as TW they are among the first priorities and I took Cornac now)

name suggeestion?

I would allso like to suggest the class name to be changed to Tech witch - it both sounds better and takes into account her access to futuretech.. ;)

Steam Witch Class Name

Interestingly that's quite close to the class name I almost used: Techno-Witch. I didn't go with it at the time as I felt it was too similar in name/abbreviation/theme to Temporal Warden (TW). I'm in the midst of a class/generic talent rework so that or other changes could happen.

lack of stuns, etc?

I found this class interesting, but it feels like too strong on low levels but suddenly dropping in power at about lvl 10. My opinion is that it's due to class having almost no debuffs able to shut down attacks from powerful opponents, such as stuns, disarms, etc. Currently, the only one such option is the flamethrower attack with area slow. If the opponent saves, you are f*cked. Good daggers or guns can somewhat rectify this, but I still think that some reliable way to cause debuffs to attacck should be among the class' skills.


True, the class does not have a lot of absolute applications of disabling debuffs. Quantum Mortar and Cut the Threads can inflict such though there are random factors involved. It's not explicitly stated but the projected dagger attack does count as a melee attack for on-hit equipment effects like slow and blind. The class defensive focus is currently on mobility and control (Time Bombs, Vortex Box, Time Barrier, etc.) I plan to alter the talents a bit in the future and may add something.

random factors

yeah, I found them quite random. :) They either kill off a lot, or just fail to apply due to this particular enemy's immunities, and you need to teleport asap. ;) Also, you need 2-4 uninterraupted rounds to apply them. I found a light ray from Future Tech being somewhatt more reliable, especially that this opens together with Panic Button. But still, some opponents are resistant/immune to blindness...

Forum Link


If you edit the description for this addon, there's a field below the description to put in the forum link. Also, I found a bug and reported it on the forum.

Cool addon :)

Re: Link

Thank you, didn't notice the "Edit" button before, heh.