Adds the Mindslinger as a new, Yeek-only, Psionic subclass.
Mindslingers wield slings in their main-hand and telekenetic weapon slots and gain many bonuses while their off-hand slot is empty, ranging from defense to added procs on ranged attacks.
One part Mindslayer, one part Solipsist, a dash of Skirmisher, just a pinch of Arcane Blade and Cursed, and 100% Grade-A Yeek.

New Talents:

Master the sling and your mind to fire shots infused with Psionic energy.

Learn cunning off-hand gestures to focus your mind and perform powerful defense and offensive feats.

Master the use of Feedback and charge your shots with potent mental forces.

More details in the forum thread.

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Mindslinger forum discussion thread
Mindslinger on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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v1.0.6 1.6.2 2020-02-06 00:56
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strange choice

Why would a special attack (the confusion one) be wrapped into the same skill as a basic sliing mastery?? It makes it a no-brainer... Also, not sure that so much distance-attacking trees are actually needed by a missile combatant. Less Psi points are OK as, being missile-based you can just shhot away at enemy melee combatants so needing less special attacks.


I wanted them to have a level 1 sling attack and I also wanted them to start with mastery but wanted the other attack tree to be locked. So I bundled an attack talent into the mastery. As far masteries go, it's not unprecedented for them to do other things. Psyshot gets the projected Mindstar attack, and Temporal Warden gets 3 different weapon masteries, plus dam mod substitution, all in one talent. As far as their talent trees, it's a situation similar to Arcane Blade. Mostly you'll use your weapon attacks, but the other trees have your proc talents and talents with a bit of utility.