Archery Addons Patch for ToME 1.6.4+

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This is a patch for addons with 'archery' talents that have not been updated since the 1.6.4 change to archerPreUse .

Assuming they were still functioning as of 1.6.3, this patch should allow them to function once again. I can confirm this works with both Zephyr and Viper class addons, but I have not tested it further.

Save files which have been affected by this change will cause the game to flash black and freeze, as will attempting to create a new character that would learn an affected talent at birth, or when learning an affected talent later on, or when an enemy spawns with an affected talent. There will be no error pop-up in game if this happens, but the error can still be found in te4_log.txt and should be repeated many times at the end of the file. If you see an error that refers to an addon and archerPreUse, this patch should solve the issue.

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