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An updated restoration of Archer from older versions.

Infinite Dungeon Merchants

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4 NPCs will now spawn in Infinite Dungeon that can sell spells trees, stat points, sub stats & can imbue items for you.

There are 19 talent trees (249 talents) available for purchase:
Archmage, Alchemist, Necromancy, Chronomancy, Psionic, Celestial, Anorithil, Oozemancer, Berserker, Rouge, Archer, Arcane Blade, Summoner, Wyrmic, StoneWarden, Corruptor, Cursed, Demented & Steamtech!

Can increase your stats and sub stats:
(STR/DEX/MAG/WIL/CUN/CON and phys/mag/ment resistance and criticals)

Imbue items:
imbue (ANY) jewelry, armor & weapons that are in the game including rares/epics/uniques! And imbue them as many times with as many different gems as you want can afford!

The NPCs that spawn are: Adriel, Sun Paladin, Zemek & Gurock. They are broken down into catagories Adriel=nature SunPaladin=combat Zemek=spells Gurock=tinkerer.

      • This addon is NOT compatible with the story mode, it wont crash the game or anything but will turn some factions hostile. If you want to buy spells in the main story check out my addon at the bottom.
      • DLC is NOT required to play this addon, talents that require a dlc will be clearly noted next to the talent, if you don't own a dlc and try to purchase a dlc talent the gold will be removed but the talent wont be acquired.

IMPORTANT: I am unable to respond to comments on this site as my comments keep getting blocked as spam! If you have issues/bugs/requests you will need to post your comment on the STEAM Workshop addon page here: So I can see/respond to you there.

@iwantpizza The stores appear randomly in the walls (they appear as shop signs) they can be hard to see.. I plan on modifying the signs so they stand out more in a future update.
@iwantpizza The stores are very rare I've tried to find something in the code to increase the spawn rates but I've been unsuccessful, I am however confident that I can now spawn npcs who can actually talk... It will just take a lot of code rewriting.
@iwantpizza NPCs will now spawn that will sell the spells, they are much more common than the stores, so you shouldn't have a problem finding them. (you will have to start a new game for them to spawn)
@Zaive Makes sense, the merchants faction is "sunwall" (sun paladin) ...should I change it... I don't know, I have mixed feelings. It makes sense none of them would even want to talk to an undead...

If you are interested in a main story mode version you can get it here:

  • WARNING* This addon is NOT compatible with the story mode, it won't crash the game or anything but will turn some factions hostile. If you want to buy spells in the main story you can *Disable* this mod -in game- ("Main menu" > "addons") and install my addon above!

Big thanks to hunter on for testing features and giving feedback! This addon would not have been possible without him!

Air Archer

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Adds the Air Archer class, an archer that channels air magic through their attacks. Includes 4 new talent categories and does not appear on enemies.
Also reduces the mana costs of Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm strikes, and fixes sustainbug for Feather Wind, Blur Sight, and Tempest.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC 0


Messes with Feather Wind and Blur Sight. Otherwise unlikely to cause any problems.

Weight: 161258


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A complete rework for Archer.

Viper Class

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Adds the Viper class, an archer wilder who possesses great speed and access to nature damage.


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Adds the Starshot class, a celestial archer using talents from Midnight and some from the unreleased Embers class, Empyreal.
Requires Midnight and Embers of Rage to function, will error without. All credit to HousePet for Midnight.

The Auto Archer (Auto Shooter)

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Takes out the boring grinding fingerwork of archer gameplay with a single keystroke. This addon automatically walks toward visible enemies, uses your archer talents (or basic shoot skill), reloads your bow mid-fight, or autoexplores when nobody is around. Sit back and enjoy the magic of The Auto Archer.

Obit: Damzel the level 24 Thalore Archer

Alas, poor Damzel, we hardly knew ye! Felled in her prime by the wicked Blood Elves who reside deep beneath the earth, have infravision and do wicked amounts of damage. One you could handle, two in a pinch, three... dicey, but possible, but ten? And then as you descended, another ten more?

The gods did ask too much. Perhaps you should have not been so eager to rush down trap doors...

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