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Two new Wilder subclasses emerge: the Woods Walker and the Anamage.

--== Woods Walker ==--

Favored by wood, wind, and earth, the Woods Walker is most at home wandering the fields and forests of Maj'Eyal. While the Woods Walker brings both archery and mindstar options to the mix, their primary strength lies in their connection to Nature.
Playstyle: Either ranged, melee, or a mix of the two. The Woods Walker doesn't enjoy being surrounded by foes, but thankfully possesses many different ways to keep this from happening. They do not start off as followers of Zigur, but their skills have a definite anti-magic bent.

Class Talent Trees:
Favor of the Wood - The forest follows you wherever you go, weakening and damaging your foes
Favor of the Wind - The blessing of Eyal's air speeds you while hindering those who would harm you
Favor of the Earth - The stones give themselves for your survival
Natural Archer - Your connection to Nature steers and empowers your archery
Natural Companions (locked) - Befriend and train a forest beast to fight alongside you
Living Arrows (locked, high-level) - Nature itself indwells your shots
Spellhunter (antimagic, locked, high-level) - Ruthlessly track and annhilate the arcane

Generic Talent Trees:
Combat Training
Call of the Wild
Harmony (locked)
Fungus (locked)
Mindstar Mastery
Walking Thistle (locked, high-level) - Your mindstars are as living thorns to your enemies

--== Anamage ==--

A curious case, the Anamage was once an arcane user, but has experienced a dramatic shift, coming to belief that all magic began with Nature and must be returned to her. The Anamage starts as a follower of Zigur, having fervently sworn off the arcane.
Playstyle: Geomancy. The Anamage beseeches Nature's help, casting natural spells powered by equilibrium. Anamages cannot use arcane equipment, but have learned to reclaim staves, purging them of arcane influence.

Class Talent Trees:
Blood of the Vine - Deal Nature damage through terrain manipulation
Bones of the Earth - Invoke the stones, hindering and damaging foes
Acts of Nature - Summon long-lasting, massively destructive Acts of Nature
Hermetecism - The art of brewing potions did not begin with the alchemists...
Favor of the Wood (locked) - The forest follows you wherever you go, weakening and damaging your foes
Favor of the Wind (locked) - The blessing of Eyal's air speeds you while hindering those who would harm you
Favor of the Earth (locked) - The stones give themselves for your survival
Natural Magic (locked, high-level) - Nature empowers your natural casting, enabling you to nullify arcane powers
Catastrophe (locked, high-level) - Violent cataclysms rage around you at Nature's foes

Generic Talent Trees:
Call of the Wild
Harmony (locked)
Redemption of Magic - Reclaim magical staves and bend their powers to Nature's will


-Mister Vimes

The Nameless One, a Cursed Ghoul of Zigur

I do not know who I am.
I do not know who I was in life.
All I know is the from the notes left behind.
And I know about Magic.

Magic...Magic has been nothing but a problem. By these notes I found laying in this dungeon, Magic what caused this "Spellblaze." Magic is what cursed me in life and twisted my soul and my body. Magic is also what killed me.

And Magic is what brought me back from my eternal rest.

My first memory is awakening in some ruins, surrounded by candles. Strange Runes were carved all over my skin, they appear to have some sort of magical property to them, though I do not fully understand them yet. A necromancer stood outside the candles. Apparently he assumed I was just another mindless servant of his. He was wrong. Refusing to be a slave I quickly felled this necromancer, but not before getting a little bit of information from him, apparently this cloak he possessed will conceal the nature of what I truly am. I could not allow him to live though, he has caused too much suffering to other tortured souls. It will not continue.

"...You are alone! You will be destroyed!"

His words echoed in my ears. Will I be destroyed? What am I to do? Not only does this curse still sit strongly upon my very essence, I am now an undead monster tainted by magic.

This will not do. Something must change.

I quickly headed for the surface, slaughtering all in my way. These undead are all empty husks, I can see there is no real life in their eyes. They will not be missed.

Upon emerging I headed east. I came across a city known as 'Last Hope'. Fitting. This place may be my last hope at Redemption. After speaking with several townsfolk who all seemed to be apprehensive towards magic as well, I received a clue. There is a small village nearby of Warriors of Zigur who dedicate their lives to the eradication of magic.

This may be the chance! Maybe they can remove this curse upon me!

Unfortunatly they felt I was not strong enough to join their order. I headed north and cleared the corruption I found in Norgos lair and the Heart of the gloom. To the west the foul undead in the Ruins of Kor'Pul and the troll Proxx who has been devouring travelers. To the south, crystals with remnant energy of the spellblaze, and a camp of rogue elven magic users.

I felt ready for anything. I went back to zigur and dedicated myself to their order. I passed their tests. Unfortunatly, I did not realize the Runes fused to my body would be destroyed in the process. The very Runes that have been sustaining my unlife.

...and my cloak...

The powers of this antimagic aura flowed through me and completely negated this Cloak of Deception. Before the members of Zigur had a chance to notice the magic fading away, I fled the village. I am no longer concealed. I am truly Cursed now. No more hiding what I am. No more runes to help my survival. The patrols in the area quickly attempted to hunt me down. I was far swifter than they.

I am alone in my search to save myself. I went the only other place I heard of that may have some kind of magic to aid me. Citizens of Last Hope mumbled about the possibility of an abandoned fortress hidden somewhere under lake nur. I quickly made my way through the old forest, only to be stopped dead in my tracks.

An Ancient treant known as WrathRoot would not allow me to pass. With no magic to aid me, even when fully embracing the unholy powers this undead form and this curse gave me, I was no match for him. Struck down by the very Nature I vowed to serve.

Is this how it was supposed to happen? To be destroyed?..I feared death again just as much as I assume anyone that has never died before, because for me with no memories, this was my first death. I did not want to die...I simply wanted this curse removed.

"...You will be destroyed!"...

Maybe I should have listened a bit more to my re-animator

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