Two new Wilder subclasses emerge: the Woods Walker and the Anamage.

--== Woods Walker ==--

Favored by wood, wind, and earth, the Woods Walker is most at home wandering the fields and forests of Maj'Eyal. While the Woods Walker brings both archery and mindstar options to the mix, their primary strength lies in their connection to Nature.
Playstyle: Either ranged, melee, or a mix of the two. The Woods Walker doesn't enjoy being surrounded by foes, but thankfully possesses many different ways to keep this from happening. They do not start off as followers of Zigur, but their skills have a definite anti-magic bent.

Class Talent Trees:
Favor of the Wood - The forest follows you wherever you go, weakening and damaging your foes
Favor of the Wind - The blessing of Eyal's air speeds you while hindering those who would harm you
Favor of the Earth - The stones give themselves for your survival
Natural Archer - Your connection to Nature steers and empowers your archery
Natural Companions (locked) - Befriend and train a forest beast to fight alongside you
Living Arrows (locked, high-level) - Nature itself indwells your shots
Spellhunter (antimagic, locked, high-level) - Ruthlessly track and annhilate the arcane

Generic Talent Trees:
Combat Training
Call of the Wild
Harmony (locked)
Fungus (locked)
Mindstar Mastery
Walking Thistle (locked, high-level) - Your mindstars are as living thorns to your enemies

--== Anamage ==--

A curious case, the Anamage was once an arcane user, but has experienced a dramatic shift, coming to belief that all magic began with Nature and must be returned to her. The Anamage starts as a follower of Zigur, having fervently sworn off the arcane.
Playstyle: Geomancy. The Anamage beseeches Nature's help, casting natural spells powered by equilibrium. Anamages cannot use arcane equipment, but have learned to reclaim staves, purging them of arcane influence.

Class Talent Trees:
Blood of the Vine - Deal Nature damage through terrain manipulation
Bones of the Earth - Invoke the stones, hindering and damaging foes
Acts of Nature - Summon long-lasting, massively destructive Acts of Nature
Hermetecism - The art of brewing potions did not begin with the alchemists...
Favor of the Wood (locked) - The forest follows you wherever you go, weakening and damaging your foes
Favor of the Wind (locked) - The blessing of Eyal's air speeds you while hindering those who would harm you
Favor of the Earth (locked) - The stones give themselves for your survival
Natural Magic (locked, high-level) - Nature empowers your natural casting, enabling you to nullify arcane powers
Catastrophe (locked, high-level) - Violent cataclysms rage around you at Nature's foes

Generic Talent Trees:
Call of the Wild
Harmony (locked)
Redemption of Magic - Reclaim magical staves and bend their powers to Nature's will


-Mister Vimes

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
1.1.0 1.7.4 2022-08-11 12:59
1.0.1 1.7.4 2022-08-03 17:05
1.0.0 1.7.0 2022-08-02 12:20

Game Breaking Bug

Hitting your effigy will apply Broken Blades effect on you indefinitely, making you lose damage modifiers more and more. Other than that pretty amazing classes, very fun to play

Shoot lua error, compatibility issue

I just found that shoot lua error only appears when using both this addon and Recaiden's Class: Wisp addon.

Shoot lua error still there

I see you did an update and I re-enabled the addon after the update and started a new character. But it seems the issue with the shoot generating lua errors is still there.

Bother. I honestly don't know

Bother. I honestly don't know why this is happening; it's never shown up on my game. I don't have Embers of Rage, which might have something to do with it. I'll see if I can learn anything.

It's probably this line

It's probably this line in superload/mod/class/interface/Archery.lua :

return base_archery_projectile(self, tx, ty, tg, self, tmp)

Since base_archery_projectile is an alias for archery_projectile and it doesn't make much sense to have "self" twice as an argument I think it should be this instead:

return base_archery_projectile(tx, ty, tg, self, tmp)

 (the same line is also in your other addon "now you see me")

Edit : Nevermind, It's normal LUA syntax.
Guess I'm too used to other languages.

It *is* that line

You were right the first time. You are correct that calling self as 1st parameter is common in LUA, but archery_projectile does not work that way, and should not be called as function of Archery (the shooter).

1) Greenwatch's archery_projectile superload does not work at all. It is never even called, because (vanilla) archeryShoot never uses Archery.archery_projectile, it simply uses the (original) local archery_projectile. The crit chance is actually given by a passive in the Eyal's Eyes talent. But if a later addon tries to get the saved Archery.archery_projectile and use it, they will have a broken version because...

2) This line return base_archery_projectile(self, tx, ty, tg, self, tmp) shouldn't have the 1st copy of self in it. This is what causes it to break if a later addon tries to access archery_projectile. archery_projectile does not take self as a first parameter ( notice is is originally defined as _M., not _M: ), it expects the target's x-position instead.

The 1.5 problems with Woods Walker

Note: None of this is a comment on the strength of the class.

Woods Walker has a problem with the way it is coded that lets you completely break the game with two of the talents.
Said problem being the energy refund talents - Arrowspring and the first Favor of the Wind talent.
Both of them state that [action] now only takes X% of a turn. The way they are coded, however, makes them refund (1-X)% of a turn after the action is taken.
This leads to a massive problem: if you can get the speed of that action down enough, you can go infinite, not letting anything else get a turn.

With the first Wind talent, that's trivial - just pick the Swift Hands prodigy. Boom, infinite turns by holding down the "quick swap gear" button.
With Arrowspring, you need high mastery and a bunch of attack speed boosts, but it's still possible.

Edit: The first one is obviously also applicable to Anamage.

Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for letting me know about that. I will put in something to fix that in the next update.


Does 1.1.0 fix the spellpower issue for Anamage? Really like the idea and design and I want to play it more, but I've been waiting for that fix.
Edit: Decided to just delve into the code to check and I do see that a fix was implemented, great!

I'm enjoying the class a lot! The visual effects for the class are really great, too, especially the stones and the trees :)

Woods Walker looks fun as well, especially if I'm in the mood for a very passive bumpy/shooty run, but I haven't really tried it out too much yet.

Really nice work!

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Sorry I'm only intermittently around to answer questions and whatnot... =)

Archery bug?

getting a bunch of the following error report whenever anything shoots (me, gunslinger rares, etc.)
Lua Error: .../mv-greenwatch/superload/mod/class/interface/Archery.lua:59: attempt to call method 'knowTalent' (a nil value) At [C]:-1 knowTalent At .../mv-greenwatch/superload/mod/class/interface/Archery.lua:59 damtype\

Curious. I haven't been able

Curious. I haven't been able to get this one to replicate. Regardless, I put a check in to hopefully keep it from happening again. Thank you!

I have the same issue. TBH I

I have the same issue. TBH I have a ton of addons, but this one seems not to want to play nicely so I have it disabled.

Anamage Scaling

Since your spellpower is divided by 1+[number of antimagic items worn] and Anamages start with and focuses on an antimagic item but uses spells, it's kind of hard for them to function later on.
Redemption of Magic and Bones of the Earth are both brilliant trees though.

Hmm. To be honest, I did not

Hmm. To be honest, I did not realize that about Spellpower. That's something to fix, then.

Thank you!

No Sound

I playing addon and I realize dhtere ar eno sound for any of spells for anamage atleast is it supposed to be like this?

Yes, for now. I plan to add

Yes, for now. I plan to add sound in a later update.