Class: Revamped Wyrmic

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A variation on wyrmics, as a multi-elemental debuff-centered class.
Rather than having their abilities scattered among the elements, they'll rank up melee attacks, mental attacks, and elements separately.

This is still (slowly) being developed; I put the addon up because I had someone who wanted to test it. If you want to try it already, go ahead. Please leave feedback and bug reports in the linked Forum Discussion thread.

The core of Wyrmic is:
Combat Techniques
Draconic Combat - provides weapon attacks.
Draconic Energy - provides mindpower attacks.
Draconic Body - provides mobility and survivability.

Then, a wyrmic picks one of the six natural elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Sand, Acid, or Poison. Each element has a single ability available right away, and a set of advanced skills.
Finally, the advanced Prismatic Tree lets a wyrmic use multiple elements.

Apex Predator - new generic tree that wills in a few gaps and lets you wear gems.

The particle-effect coloring system is taken from minmay's Crystalist.
As in vanilla, all talent icons are from http://game-icons.net/ .

Will be incompatible with other Wyrmic replacements.

The DLC wyrmic trees are not fully integrated into this system. They interact with Prismatic Blood, but use their own separately-leveled breath weapons.
Acid and Venom have been separated into two different aspects because original Wyrmic got 6 breaths.
This addon does not let you turn into a dragon. Yet. I'm thinking about it.
This addon does not let you summon dragons to help you.

Breath Variety

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Wyrmic breaths scale with best of strength, willpower, magic.

Inferno Pettiness

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Petty changes to stuff that bugs me.

Undead Verdant Fix

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Stops Verdant overwriting Undead drake aspect because I'm impatient.

Steel Drakes

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Adds the Steel Drake category for wyrmics, and eventually also adds Steel Drakes.

ToME Wyrmic Tweaks Mk. II

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A large series of Wyrmic tweaks, designed to keep the character of the class intact, but also increase its effectiveness and synergy.

Weird Wyrmic

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My own take at wyrmics.

Ryuuji the Cornac Wyrmic

So far, I've been playing Ryuuji the Cornac Wyrmic as a rather unusual sword swinger with lots of tactical options for softening up tough enemies. He just finished off the Sandworm Queen which bumped Sand talent mastery up to 1.40. Now Ryuuji's Willpower stat is getting into the territory where he can start putting class points into Breath attacks. He's kind of spread out all over the different wyrmic talent trees at present. All in all, he's a fun character to play, but got off to a rather slow start and is somewhat hampered by the lack of stun resistance.

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