Wilder Balance

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Balances a bit the Wyrmic and Stone Warden classes.


Wyrmic is now a hybrid mindstar user and mindcaster class,
they do not have the Shield Offense and Two Handed Combat trees,
and their wild-gift weapon talents requires to have psiblades.

Wyrmic do not need now physical power as apply power, just mindpower.
It only needs Strength for some talents' damage.

This addon does not interact with DLC contents.

- starts with Cunning - Survival unlocked
- starts with Wild-Gift - Mindstar Mastery unlocked

- Wing Buffet now deals devouring fire damage, applies Wet, cooldown is lower
- Bellowing Roar deals fireknockback damage + confusion, mindpower is apply power, cooldown is lower
- Devouring Flame cooldown is lower
- Fire Breath deals devouring fire damage, applies Wet, cooldown & eq cost lower
(the Wet from these talents have a synergie with the Ice Claw & Ice Wall talents)

- Ice Claw cooldown is lower
- Icy Skin also gives iceblock pierce
- Ice Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Swallow deals physical damage, apply power is mindpower
- Quake apply power is mindpower, cooldown is lower
- Sand Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Lightning Speed cooldown is lower, removed the colour & blur
- Static Field cooldown & eq cost lower
- Lightning Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Corrosive Mist is now a shielding talent
- Dissolve is now a radius 3 cone, lower cooldown, and disarming acid
- Acid Breath cooldown & eq cost lower

- Prismatic Slash is passive, inceasing the radius of Claw talents
- Venomous Breath is passive, gives various poison effect to Breaths
- Wyrmic Guile also gives Str mod to mindstars

Stone Warden:

- Deeprock is instant, lower cooldown

- Eldritch Fury is a low cooldown spell projectile that deals damage according to Block value

- Stone & Crystal Halves now cannot take life damage from the player (killing your own summons were bad...)
- Stone Half instantly casts Stone Link when summoned (if knows it) (now it's a more reliable defense)

- Shards sustain gives physical resistance (to have synergie with Mountainhewn)
- Eldritch Stone is instant, lower cooldown, the shield can mind crit, gives base mana regen per turn

- Rockwalk and Rockswallow are now teleports (you can have Out of Phase now), the heal and the damage can mind crit

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