Class: Revamped Wyrmic

Class: Revamped Wyrmic

A variation on wyrmics, as a multi-elemental debuff-centered class.
Rather than having their abilities scattered among the elements, they'll rank up melee attacks, mental attacks, and elements separately.

The core of Wyrmic is:
Combat Techniques
Draconic Combat - provides weapon attacks.
Draconic Energy - provides mindpower attacks.
Draconic Body - provides mobility and survivability.

Then, a wyrmic picks one of the six natural elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Sand, Acid, or Poison. Each element has a single ability available right away, and a set of advanced skills that require a category point to access.
Finally, the advanced Prismatic Tree rewards you for changing elements.

Apex Predator - new generic tree that fills in a few gaps and lets you wear gems.
Please leave feedback and bug reports in the linked Forum Discussion thread.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .
The particle-effect coloring system is taken from minmay's Crystalist.
Sounds remixed from samples by Mike Koenig under CC-BY 3.0

Will be incompatible with other Wyrmic replacements.
Incompatible with some addons that change gems, especially Alchemist reworks.

Acid and Venom have been separated into two different aspects.
This addon does not let you turn into a dragon.
This addon does not let you summon dragons to help you.

Class: Revamped Wyrmic forum discussion thread
Class: Revamped Wyrmic on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Is nice

But maybe let wyrmic chars be born with a shield and dual wield weapons in addition to the 2h axe they get?

Venom Drake Scaling

The base nature damage does not seem to scale properly in venom drake aspect? It shows 7 damage over 30 turns even at 60+ cunning.

Wyrmic Guile

Wyrmic Guile gives me an error, puts as many points in as I want and doesn't give me anything in return

Wyrmic Guile Fix

Thanks for letting me know. A version that fixes that has been uploaded.


Draconic Strikes uses spell damage rather than mind damage


That was a mistake.
Draconic Strikes was removed from the class months ago!

aspects not working

1. draconic aspects don't work in respect to providing resistance, etc. m.b. due to the fact of them being nnot sustains but activatables... with no duration mentioned? 2. equipping gems works only through draag-n-drop, not usual 'wield' option. 3. crushed as I tried to use local wing buffet equivalent. All in alll, looks very alpha.