Class: Revamped Wyrmic

Class: Revamped Wyrmic

A variation on wyrmics, as a multi-elemental debuff-centered class.
Rather than having 1 tree for each element, they'll rank up melee attacks, mental attacks, and elements separately.

This is still being developed; I put the addon up because I had someone who wanted to test it. If you want to try it already, go ahead. Please leave feedback and bug reports in the linked Forum Discussion thread, if you have an account.

Combat provides weapon attacks: Swallow, Armor, a small cone, and a single-target burst ability.
Elements provides mindpower attacks: Bolt that becomes a line, Point Blank AoE, lingering area effect, and Breath Weapons.
Body provides mobility and defenses: Movement Boost, Healing Modifier, Effect Cleanse, and on-hit debuffs.
Aspects provides Resistances and passive improvements. You can only learn a limited number of aspects, based on your level of Prismatic Blood (below).

Skills provides various elemental-themed active abilities, but are available to all Wyrmics.

  • Add on-hit damage.
  • Create walls.
  • Burrow through walls.
  • Slow nearby enemies.

Prismatic Dragon - Locked, level 10*
Wyrmics start with 1 point in Prismatic Blood from the locked Prismatic Dragon tree, which lets them select an element for their other talents to use, and manages their resistances.

  • Prismatic Blood lets you learn aspect passives and resistances. You start with 1 point here even though the tree is locked, and it goes up to 6 ranks (levels 1/6/12/18/24/30). To make it smoother to put points into, it also improves your combat speeds.
  • Prismatic Burst is a sustain that buffs your next attack with AoE damage and status of a random element.
  • Wyrmic Guile and Chromatic Fury are mostly the same as the original.

Apex Predator- new generic tree that provides passive equipment-focused bonuses. More Work-In-Progress.

  • Armor yourself with gems to gain their abilities.
  • Confuse foes with a deafening roar.

The particle-effect coloring system is taken from minmay's Crystalist.
As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Will be incompatible with other Wyrmic replacements.

The DLC wyrmic trees are not fully integrated into this system. They interact with Prismatic Blood, but use their own separately-leveled breath weapons.
Acid and Venom have been separated into two different aspects because original Wyrmic got 6 breaths.
This addon does not let you turn into a dragon. Yet. I'm thinking about it.
This addon does not let you summon dragons to help you.
I welcome suggestions for Time-Dragon and Light-Dragon talents in the vein of Undead Drake and Scourge Drake. :P

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aspects not working

1. draconic aspects don't work in respect to providing resistance, etc. m.b. due to the fact of them being nnot sustains but activatables... with no duration mentioned? 2. equipping gems works only through draag-n-drop, not usual 'wield' option. 3. crushed as I tried to use local wing buffet equivalent. All in alll, looks very alpha.