Now You See Me...

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Adds the Illusionist and Arcane Trickster subclasses to Tales of Maj'Eyal. Both of these classes rely on subterfuge and deception to survive.
The Illusionist is a master of light and shadow who confuses foes to keep them at bay.
The Arcane Trickster is a rogue who specializes in disabling foes from a distance before closing in for the kill.
Both classes are a ton of fun to play!


1.2 - Renamed Talent "Polarization" to avoid naming conflict

1.1 - Renamed Talent "Abduction" to avoid naming conflict

Arcanic Rogue

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Adds the Arcanic Rogue class, a rogue that channels magic through their attacks.

Storm Reward

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Adds the Spell/Storm tree as a reward from Angolwen for completing the Tempest Peak quest with them, to match the earning of the Fungus tree by Antimagic characters.

Aegis Reward

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An edit of Waladil's Conveyance Reward to give Aegis rather than Conveyance, as I feel Aegis is a better Spell counterpart to Wild-Gift/Fungus.

Spell Merchants

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Tired of having tons of gold but the merchants in game only sell lame items, well this addon adds various spell merchants around maj-eyal so you can buy your favorate spells.

So far there are only three different spell/classes available for purchase: Archmage, Alchemist and Necromancy spells.
I plan on adding more at some point in the future.

This addon is some what balanced as the really good spells cost quite a bit and you're ofcourse limited by class points.

Imbuing Expert

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Adds a new prodigy to allow imbuing of gloves, boots and weapons.

Spell Shop

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Adds magic spells that can be bought from angolwen stave shop.

Alchemy Reward

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Adds the Spell/Alchemy tree as a reward from Angolwen for completing the Tempest Peak quest with them, to match the earning of the Fungus tree by Antimagic characters. Derived from the Conveyance Reward addon by Waladil.


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Adds a new class-the Archreaver-that is a combination of Archmage and Reaver. The archreaver has 4 unique talent trees as well as a couple vanilla talent trees. More info at the forum thread.
Icons made by Zerru.

Phantasm Redux

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Changes around the Spell/Phantasm tree.

Shadowblades will lose the ability to cast illuminate at will for damage, but they get a few other things to make up for it.

T1 - Illuminate: Light up the area and blind in a big radius.
T2 - Blur Image: Gives defense, bonus stealth, and projectile evasion.
T3 - Dancing Lights: Every turn, summon a short-lived light in radius 4. Nearby enemies will be taunted by it, changing their target and making the deal less damage to other things while the light is alive.
T4 - Counter Flare: Whenever you lose a damage shield or break stealth, cast illuminate. This illuminate will also deal damage equal to a % of the damage shield's power or your stealth.

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