Class: Spellweaver

Class: Spellweaver

Adds the Spellweaver, a Mage subclass who creates custom spells with Spellweaving components.
For example, a Spellweaver might make a spell using the Fire element, the Beam shape, and the Damage Over Time effect to make a simple Damage over Time Fire Beam. However, spells can get vastly more complicated, with things like a "Grand Checkerboard of Eclipsing and Feverish Wallweaving and Prismatic and Radiat Lingering Harm" if you want to be way over the top.
Additionally, Spellweavers can make shielding and teleportation spells with components too, although all three types of spells use the same slots.
Spellweavers who are Humans, Elves, Dwarves or Undeads will also begin in Wovenhome in the East and have a special dungeon to start the game.

Note: If you need to make a bug report, please use the forum thread:
I will not reliably respond to any messages here in any reasonable amount of time. The ToME Discord is also a good method.

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Game version: tome-1.7.4
Addons: ring-soul-1.7.2[X], items-vault-1.7.0[O], possessors-1.7.4[O], ashes-urhrok-1.7.4[O], auto_talent_assistant-1.7.4[X], moremastery-1.3.1[X!], kam_spellweaver-1.7.4[X], orcs-1.7.4[O], Upgrade-revenue-increase-1.7.4[X], cults-1.7.4[O]

Lua Error: /data/zones/kam-spellweaver-elemental-ruins/npcs.lua:22: table index is nil

Great addon!

This is a lot of fun to mess around with. Great concepts and good execution. Frankly it can be a bit overwhelming at times due to the sheer number of options, but highly enjoyable nonetheless.

Limited slots

Very nice concept! I played a bit yesterday and it was quite fun.

I found the number of spell slots very limited. 4-5 active talents in total with 7 cooldown each for both offensive and defensive talents? If I left 2 slot for shield and teleport then I would only have 2-3 offensive talents which need to be prepared out of combat (unless the one generic tree is unlocked, which seems a bit complicated and annoying to use). Perhaps more slots or reserved slots for the two utility spells?

I also found the synergies between different elements a bit lacking and the gameplay can be a little dull. Granted there are tons of ways to prepare spells with diffferent elements and modes, but in combat you can only cycle through 2-3 offensive spells which have quite long cooldowns. I also found mana to be quite limited. This class feels a lot weaker than archmage at the moment which has a lot of cooldown 3 beam spells plus tons of disable/aoe/utility spells that don’t share cooldown/slots. And archmage has meta tree which is OP. Some ideas: more slots but with varying cooldown, ways to reduce cooldown, more active talents for utility. I feel there should be more interesting choices to make during combat (more buttons to press), not just before combat.

Re: Limited Slots

In a recent update, I bumped the initial number of slots to four and reduced the cooldown of attack spells to 5, so hopefully that should help. I'm still doing balancing work, so it should keep improving over time.


I guess I'll wait for it to be finished before I play it. Looking forward to it!

Actually Finished Now (mostly)

Well, it's actually finished now, so you're welcome to try it out. It still might have typos and minor glitches since even after the initial round of post-release bug fixes, I'm probably missing something, but it should be mostly there.

Lua Errors

Very good addon, however I had Lua errors related to the Elemental Purification element...

"error = "Game version: tome-1.7.4Addons: items-vault-1.7.0[O], possessors-1.7.4[O], master-spell-merchants-1.7.4[X], inv_tiers-1.7.2[X], select-your-escorts- 1.7.0[X], ignore_rc_locks-1.7.0[X], expolevel-1.7.4[X], ashes-urhrok-1.7.4[O], kam_spellweaver-1.7.4[X], orcs-1.7.4 [O], zomnibus-1.7.4[X], cults-1.7.4[O]Game version (character creation): tome-1.7.4Lua Error: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:351: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:324: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:190: /data-kam_spellweaver/kam_spellweaver_damage_types.lua:950: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'resistChange' (a nil value)stack traceback:\9/data-kam_spellweaver/kam_spellweaver_damage_types.lua:950: in function 'projector'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/kam_spellweaver_damage_types.lua:16: in function 'projector'\9/engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:259: in function 'apply'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_modes.lua:360: in function 'doApply'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_modes.lua:1162: in function 'getDamageFunction'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_spellslots.lua:141: in function </data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_spellslots.lua:99>\9[C]: in function 'xpcall'\9/engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:186: in function </engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:173> At[C]:-1 At [C]:-1 error At /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:351 useTalent At /engine/interface/PlayerHotkeys.lua:179 At /engine/interface/PlayerHotkeys.lua:162 activateHotkey At /mod/class/Game.lua:2565 fct At /engine/interface/PlayerHotkeys.lua:326 At /engine/KeyBind.lua:231"
seen = true
reported = false"

Lua Error 2

I don't know if it's the same lua errors but I still get it when I kill enemies with the purification element.

error = "Game version: tome-1.7.4Addons: items-vault-1.7.0[O], possessors-1.7.4[O], inv_tiers-1.7.2[X], master-spell-merchants-1.7.4[X], select-your-escorts- 1.7.0[X], kam_spellweaver-1.7.4[X], expolevel-1.7.4[X], ashes-urhrok-1.7.4[O], ignore_rc_locks-1.7.0[X], orcs-1.7.4 [O], zomnibus-1.7.4[X], cults-1.7.4[O]Game version (character creation): tome-1.7.4Lua Error: /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:137: /engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:190: /data-kam_spellweaver/kam_spellweaver_damage_types.lua:961: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'resistChange' (a nil value) stack traceback:\9/data-kam_spellweaver/kam_spellweaver_damage_types.lua:961: in function 'projector'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/kam_spellweaver_damage_types.lua:16: in function 'projector'\9/engine/interface/ActorProject.lua:259: in function 'apply'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_modes.lua:364: in function 'doApply'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_modes.lua:920: in function 'getDamageFunction'\9/data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_spellslots.lua:141: in function </data-kam_spellweaver/talents/kam_spellslots.lua:99>\9[C]: in function 'xpcall'\9/engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:186: in function </engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:173> At[C]:-1 At [C]:-1 error At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:137 fct At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:143 targetMode At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:214 accept At /engine/interface/GameTargeting.lua:221 fct At /engine/interface/PlayerHotkeys.lua:326 At /engine/KeyBind.lua:231"
seen = true
reported = false

Re: Lua Error

I'm having trouble reproducing this error. Could you tell me exactly what situation it happened under beyond just using Elemental Purification? Any kind of information on what the other components were, etc. would be helpful.
Oh, also, I generally prefer to receive bug reports on the forums (link in the main description) because I have it set to automatically notify me there, so if you could report any further bugs there, I would appreciate it.