Class: Spellweaver

Short Name: 

Adds the Spellweaver, a Mage subclass who creates custom spells with Spellweaving components.
For example, a Spellweaver might make a spell using the Fire element, the Beam shape, and the Damage Over Time effect to make a simple Damage over Time Fire Beam. However, spells can get vastly more complicated, with things like a "Grand Checkerboard of Eclipsing and Feverish Wallweaving and Prismatic and Radiat Lingering Harm" if you want to be way over the top.
Additionally, Spellweavers can make shielding and teleportation spells with components too, although all three types of spells use the same slots.
Spellweavers who are Humans, Elves, Dwarves or Undeads will also begin in Wovenhome in the East and have a special dungeon to start the game.

Note: Some minor bugs still remain, but a lot of balancing has been done now in the past 7 releases, so it's pretty solid to play now.

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