Tinker Gem Flexibility

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Modifies certain tinker recipes from the Embers of Rage DLC (required) to require a different gem type as ingredient for different tinker tiers, rather than requiring the same gem type for all tiers. Affected recipes:

  • Mana Coil: previously required sapphire for all tiers; now requires agate/amethyst/emerald/sapphire/pearl
  • Arcane Dynamo: previously required amethyst for all tiers; now requires agate/amethyst/emerald/sapphire/pearl

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ZOmnibus Lite

Imbuing Expert

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Adds a new prodigy to allow imbuing of gloves, boots and weapons.

New Gem Types

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Adds several new gem types and attempts to fill in some gaps in Tiered gem colors; also adds the Crystal race.

This is a continuation of jayseesee's original addon. It's my hope that the gems in this release are balanced, consistent across tiers, and useful to a variety of different characters.

Also hopefully all the Crystal's balance issues have been worked out: it should be an interesting tactical challenge to make best use of its unique mobility, find the right time to exploit its Runic Saturation status clear Stasis talent, and optimal self-imbued gemstone for each dungeon.

As always, please let me know if you find any issues in terms of bugs, game mechanics, or interface!

New Gems and Crystal Race!

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Minmay's runic golem left me wanting more gems, so I made more gems! There's still a few colors here and there missing, especially at T5 due to the supersaturation of Whites, but it's a decent holdover.

Three new lines of gems.
One extra gem at T2 since it was missing a gem compared to other tiers.
Gem restructuring

Crystal Race! New race based off of the crystals of scintillating caves!

Full list of gems on the thread.

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