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New Gem Types

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Adds several new gem types and attempts to fill in some gaps in Tiered gem colors; also adds the Crystal race.

This is a continuation of jayseesee's original addon. It's my hope that the gems in this release are balanced, consistent across tiers, and useful to a variety of different characters.

Also hopefully all the Crystal's balance issues have been worked out: it should be an interesting tactical challenge to make best use of its unique mobility, find the right time to exploit its Runic Saturation status clear Stasis talent, and optimal self-imbued gemstone for each dungeon.

As always, please let me know if you find any issues in terms of bugs, game mechanics, or interface!


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This was a minor bug fix and tweak of jayseesee's New Gems addon (the original).

This addon has moved to New Gem Types: due to some kind of ToME addon naming limitation, this addon couldn't be updated using the new ToME in-game update process, so a new name was required.

Everything on this page is therefore obsolete and don't use it.

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