Bonuses at Level 10

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Characters are given +2 Class Talents, +2 Generic Talents, +10 Stat Points, and +1 Prodigy Points upon reaching level 10.
(you'll still have to be level 30 and meet all other requirements to use Prodigies, of course)

This is meant to compensate for the removal of Alchemist Quests, Escorts, Yeek Wayist's Buff, and Wyrm Bile's Stat Changes which are tedious but provide very nice rewards. The idea is to restore some of the power which is lost by removing these rewards without changing the overall strength of the character. Getting the Light Category via escort, for instance, is easily as good as most Prodigies.

You can download the mod that removes these things here, made by Regalion:

Prodigy Tweaks

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This is an addon for convenient play-testing of prodigy ideas that I heard from Shibari in in-game stat.

Current changes:
- Flexible Combat now triggers on all melee attacks (attackTargetWith, not just attackTarget) but has its chance reduced to 30%.
- Fast as Lightning is replaced with "Adept", which increases all talent category masteries by 0.5.
- Eye of the Tiger can trigger once per turn per talent type.
- Unbreakable Will's cooldown is reduced from 7 to 5.


This addon uses the ToME:load hook to replace Worldly Knowledge.
This uses the Combat:attackTargetWith hook to fix Flexible Combat.


- Big changes to put things more in line with the 1.6 branch:
- Flexible Combat chance reduced to 30%. Still not a turn proc and still not in attackTargetHitProcs due to problematic elements of 1.5 (staff accuracy bonus).
- The talent mastery prodigy is now called "Adept", replaces Fast as Lightning instead of Worldly Knowledge, and only grants +0.5 mastery instead of +0.7. (Blame Possessor's interaction with it).
- Eye of the Tiger can now trigger once per turn per talent type.
- Unbreakable Will cooldown reduced to 5.
- (Elemental Surge/Endless Woes/Meteoric Crash/Irresistible Sun are not backported due to addon compatibility issues.)

- Fixed Flexible Combat giving an extra chance at an attack (does not affect old savegames)
- Nerfed Flexible Combat chance from 60% to 50% (does not affect old savegames)

- Reduce Worldly Knowledge from 1.0 to 0.7 mastery (so that most class categories get to 2.00 instead of 2.30)

- Initial release

Weight: 289345

Prodigious Progress

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Include information in certain prodigies' requirement descriptions about how much progress you've made thereto.

    Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack.

    Imbuing Expert

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    Adds a new prodigy to allow imbuing of gloves, boots and weapons.

    Replace Swift Hands

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    This addon is for those who hate seeing the abomination that is Swift Hands on the prodigy screen.

    Replaces Swift Hands with a new prodigy that increases dexterity by 50. I don't have any better ideas at the moment.


    This addon uses the ToME:load hook to change the Swift Hands talent and add a new one. It should be compatible with just about any other addon.

    Weight: 84018

    Overpowered Levelup Bonuses

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    Gives extra talent, generic, category, prodigy, and saves every level. Also gives increased bonuses for wil, dex, con.

    Mana Surgery

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    This addon attempts to reimagine Spell/Arcane tree to make it "click" together a bit better.
    It also changes the mechanics of Aether Permeation prodigy to slightly more powerful and more obvious one.

    Elemental Woes

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    This addon changes the Elemental Surge and Endless Woes prodigies to have effects for all damage types.

    Effects for Elemental Surge are:
    Physical: Damage Shield
    Fire: Increased damage
    Cold: Same Ice shield as original
    Lightning: Same Pure Lightning effect
    Acid: Dissolves all debuffs on you
    Light: Increases your defense and light radius
    Darkness: Makes you invisible
    Arcane: Same spell speed boost as original
    Nature: Heals you
    Blight: Protects you from critical hits and gives -100 die at life
    Mind: Reduces the duration of incoming debuffs
    Temporal: Global speed boost

    Effects for Endless Woes are:
    Physical: Knockback
    Fire: Flameshock
    Cold: Frozen Feet
    Lightning: Reduced critical hits
    Acid: Same corrosion as original
    Light: Reduces defense, stealth and invisibility
    Darkness: Same blindness as original
    Arcane: Silences
    Nature: Slippery Moss
    Blight: Drains stamina and increases equilibrium
    Mind: Same confusion as original
    Temporal: Same slow as original

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