Always Christmas : Free Prodigy 1 Point & Level Max 999

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Always Christmas

Enjoy your free prodigy and level up until 999!

More Interesting Prodigies

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Secrets of Telos only requires one piece of the staff and doesn't consume it, and passively boosts equipment with talent on hit (spell) by increasing the level of the spell by 1, and the chance by half or 5%, whichever is greater.

Lucky Day is completely reworked, every time you cast it you gain one unique artifact of your choice (that you haven't already found and isn't a quest/plot/lore artifact), but also increases all money gained and damage taken by 10% per cast, stacking multiplicatively. Can be cast any number of times, artifacts gained this way can't be vaulted

Generalist replaces Tricky Defenses. When learned, you select one talent category from a different subclass in the same class and learn it unlocked at 1.3 mastery.

Bullet Hell replaces Automated Reflex System. Your movement speed is squared (up to 2000%), and all incoming projectiles are randomly assigned a speed between 50% and 300%. (passive)

Recaiden's Evolution Prodigies

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Includes 4 new Class Evolutions:

  • Doomed: Hollow - Merge almost completely with your shadows.
  • Archer: Zephyr - Lightning-using Arcane Blade at range.
  • Temporal Warden: Warp Rider - melee-only specialist.
  • (requires Forbidden Cults DLC) Writhing One: Gourmand - This evolution expands the Slow Death tree with a 'Possessor-lite' effect. You can keep the talents you've eaten forever (3 at a time).

Isn't Zephyr already a class?
Yes. But it's plenty different, and lacks a lot of what makes Archer itself.

Adventurer+Multi Evolutions

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Allows Adventurer to take any class evolution prodigy, adds an option to allow any class to take multiple evolutions, and adds an option to remove requirements from prodigies.

Should be compatible with all evolutions from addons and future updates.

Normally prevents you from selecting an evolution for a class that adventurer doesn't get any talents from (any class not possible on random bosses, or stone warden when not playing dwarf/drem), but this restriction is removed if you also have zizzo's addon Slightly More Adventurous or my addon Much More Adventurous.

Godmode Merchant

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Adds a NPC that will grant you invulnerability/max dmg, 249 spells available, stat/generic/prodigy points, money, raise sub stats, set level, and can imbue ANYTHING (as long as you have the gems and item)!

He spawns near the portal to Angolwen.

1.0.5 - 50 Talent trees from Orcs/Cults DLC added (these will be marked with *orcs/cults dlc* next to the talents, these dlcs are NOT required to play this addon) 14 talents added that were missing.

For a non-cheaty version check out my other addon that adds spell merchants you can purchase spells from:

IMPORTANT: I am unable to respond to comments on this site as my comments keep getting blocked as spam! If you have issues/bugs/requests you will need to post your comment on the STEAM Workshop addon page here: So I can see/respond to you there.

Bonuses at Level 10

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Characters are given +2 Class Talents, +2 Generic Talents, +10 Stat Points, and +1 Prodigy Points upon reaching level 10.
(you'll still have to be level 30 and meet all other requirements to use Prodigies, of course)

This is meant to compensate for the removal of Alchemist Quests, Escorts, Yeek Wayist's Buff, and Wyrm Bile's Stat Changes which are tedious but provide very nice rewards. The idea is to restore some of the power which is lost by removing these rewards without changing the overall strength of the character. Getting the Light Category via escort, for instance, is easily as good as most Prodigies.

You can download the mod that removes these things here, made by Regalion:

Prodigious Progress

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Include information in certain prodigies' requirement descriptions about how much progress you've made thereto.

    Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack.

    Imbuing Expert

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    Adds a new prodigy to allow imbuing of gloves, boots and weapons.

    Overpowered Levelup Bonuses

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    Gives extra talent, generic, category, prodigy, and saves every level. Also gives increased bonuses for wil, dex, con.

    Mana Surgery

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    This addon attempts to reimagine Spell/Arcane tree to make it "click" together a bit better.
    It also changes the mechanics of Aether Permeation prodigy to slightly more powerful and more obvious one.

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