More Interesting Prodigies

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Secrets of Telos only requires one piece of the staff and doesn't consume it, and passively boosts equipment with talent on hit (spell) by increasing the level of the spell by 1, and the chance by half or 5%, whichever is greater.

Lucky Day is completely reworked, every time you cast it you gain one unique artifact of your choice (that you haven't already found and isn't a quest/plot/lore artifact), but also increases all money gained and damage taken by 10% per cast, stacking multiplicatively. Can be cast any number of times, artifacts gained this way can't be vaulted

Generalist replaces Tricky Defenses. When learned, you select one talent category from a different subclass in the same class and learn it unlocked at 1.3 mastery.

Bullet Hell replaces Automated Reflex System. Your movement speed is squared (up to 2000%), and all incoming projectiles are randomly assigned a speed between 50% and 300%. (passive)

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