TLR's Stat Changes

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My personal twist on and combination of "Moderately Generous Levels" by Chaotic Heretic, and "Constitution Viability Buff" by Raenarill.

This is my first ToME mod, so bear with me, I'm still working on balance and stuff, just give me constructive criticism please!

Leveling changes:
Sets max level to 100, though you still get the bonus points at 50. Birth stats remain unchanged.

+ 0.2% resist all per level, so 10% at level 50, 20% should you reach level 100.

+1 to all saves per level up to level 50.
Level 2 is a "double" level, granting double the normal points (6 stat, 2 class/generic points)
Extra stat point every even level, starting at level 4.
Extra class point ever odd level, starting at level 3.
Gets rid of the extra class point and removal of a generic point at level intervals of 5.
One category point at levels 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 50, 75, and 100. Removed point at 34.
Two prodigies at level 25, and then one at 50, 75, and 100. Removed prodigy at 42.

Constitution changes:
Max life per point increased from 4 to 6.
Added 0.05 life regen/turn per point.
Added 0.75% Heal Mod per point.
Added 0.2% chance to shrug off criticals per point.
Added 1 Stamina per point.

Early Boost & Some More Points

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Significantly more points in the early game.
Each level below 10 gives +2 generic/class points so you can have stuff earlier.
Category points are granted at 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.
Prodigies are at 25, 35, 45, 50, and every 50 thereafter.

That's it.

Point Credits

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Allows you to spend an unlimited amount of class, generic, stat, category and prodigy points by digging into negative values, as deep as you want to.

This addon presents an unique approach to the "I want more (insert type here) points for my character!" problem. Instead of simply adding +N more points to spend each level, it allows you to use as many points as you wish - you'll simply go into negative values if you don't have any points at the moment, effectively "loaning" them. From whom? For what fee? What's the due date? Who knows! Maybe the Eidolon's feeling like doing some commerce, or maybe the divines are smiling at you! All that matters is that all those points are yours to spend *now*! If you want, you can get those elusive talents up to survive in early game and compensate for them later as you level up, eventually balancing out... or get yourself all these cool talents you really wanted to have and learn than the build of your dream will forever be short of 24 generics, 6 class points, inscription and a prodigy. :>

No actual penalties for loaning the points are implemented or intended to be implemented.
No other limits are pushed, either - you'll only be able to do what you'd be able to if you had a couple of extra thousands of points (which is basically how this addon works internally, by the way).

Design premises

While there's already a lot of addons that grant characters more points, they are often found suffering from some significant flaws - like surplus points dangling when all desired talents have already been developed, or still insufficient amount of points despite all the extra ones, or an uneven point gain curve when one's struggling with point deficit in the early game but has a large surplus of unused points in the late game, or the difficulty to gauge the unbalanceness of the current build at a given moment of time... and so on. With point loaning, however, you can have as many or as few extra points as you wish, and always know how strongly you deviate from the intended game balance curve. I love this particular approach, and it is my hope that it will appeal to many other players, as well. :>


  • This addon is designed to be as thin as possible and compatible with virtually any other addons, including the ones that alter level-up and prodigy dialogs.
  • It should also be possible to add this addon to an existing character without any issues.
  • If any compatibility problems arise, please let me know and I'll try to fix the issue!
  • Known possible bug: If an exception arises somewhere inside official point-handling code, the clean-up wrapper will not get executed correctly. That being said, if that does actually happen, you'll most likely have much worse problems than being stuck with a bunch of extra character points - but still, please let me know and I might get to implement a correct exception handler. :>


  • also, pecks from Voxxy :>

Moderately Generous Levels

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Is moderately generous with talents, types and stat points for each level gained.
Additionally, gives a bonus to resist all, saves and MaxHP per level.
Birth stats remain unchanged.

+ 0.2% resist all per level upto level 50.

+0.1% resist all per level at levels 51+

+ 2 to all saves per level upto level 50.

+1 to all saves per level at levels 51+

+ 5 to MaxHP per level

4 stat points per level.
2 talent points per level ( 3 if a multiple of 5 ).
2 generic points per level ( 1 if a multiple of 5 ).
2 category points per instance at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 ( and for every 25 levels after).
1 prodigies at levels 10, 20, 30 and 40. Additionally, +1 prodigies every 50 levels.

Full Respecialization

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Allows full control over respecialization at any time.

Grants the ability to respecialize all your attributes: stats, talents, categories, and prodigies.

Categories no longer have a cap.

True Respec

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Allow respec stats, categories and prodigies. Also remove location and last learnt restrictions.

More Generous Levels

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Is a lot more generous with talents, types and stat points for each level gained.
Birth stats remain unchanged.
5 stat points per level.
3 talent points per level ( 4 if a multiple of 5 ).
3 generic points per level ( 2 if a multiple of 5 ).
3 category points per instance at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 36 ( and for every 30 levels after).
2 prodigies at levels 20, 30 and 42. Additionally, +1 prodigies every 50 levels.

Shield Tactics - New Bulwark Talent Category

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Adds the 'Technique/Shield tactics' talent tree as a new generic category available to Bulwarks. Starts locked at 1.3 mastery, and requires Con.

1)Tempered Will:
While your shield is raised you become a nearly impenetrable wall of metal and pure grit, able to divert some of the force of even non-physical assualts.
While Block is active, you will gain X% Physical resistance and Y% of all non-Physical incoming damage will be converted to Physical damage. Damage conversion is improved by your Spell Save, and Physical resistance by your Constitution.

2)Relentless Retaliation:
Each time you fully block incoming damage, you gain X% attack speed for one turn. This effect can stack up to 8 times. The effect improves with Dexterity.

3)Tactical Defense:
Each time you fully block incoming damage, you use the tactical advantage to reduce the remaining cooldown of your inscriptions. This will reduce the cooldown of a random inscription by one turn, and can occur at most X times per turn. This value improves with Constitution.

4)Reflexive Block:
You are unmatched in your ability to react with your shield. If an attack would deal damage greater than X% of your maximum life, you raise your shield in an instant, preemptively reducing the damage by Y% of your block value and assuming a blocking stance. This bonus block will not check or trigger Block cooldown. Damage reduction improves with Constitution. This talent has a cooldown.

Starting prodigy

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Prodigies have minimal requirements and you can get one at level 1.

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