True Full Respec

True Full Respec

Allow trial and error for character building without restarting new game while minimizing inbalance.

You can respec stats, talents, categories and prodigies freely at any time.
You cannot respec prodigies that cannot be learned with Writhing Ring of the Hunter.

Based on Full Respecialization. Fix the bug for prodigies learning introduced v1.7.

I wasn't stoked about the inability to respec starting categories, as I'm a huge weirdo who likes to
unspec things I don't like and mastery boost other categories.

I am not the original mod creator, I just updated the update youhei created based on Full Respecialization by Time to Die

Weight: 100

- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:incStat() to respec stats.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:isUnlearnable() to respec talents.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:learnType() to respec categories.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:init() to recognize respecing prodigies.
- mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:init(), use() to respec prodigies.
- mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:getTalentDesc() to show which prodigies cannot respec.

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See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
True Full Respec 1.7.2 2022-10-06 19:22

Allows cheating

You can cheat (potentially accidentally) by subtracting from (right-clicking on) stats whose base value is already at 1. Though the stat will not go below 1, you still gain a stat point. You can get infinite stat points this way.