Free Respec

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Allow trial and error for character building without restarting new game while minimizing inbalance.

You can respec stats, talents, categories and prodigies freely at any time.
You cannot respec stats below initial value.
You cannot respec talents that can alter the world in a permanent way.
You cannot respec categories known at start.
You cannot respec categories learnt from event without category point.
You cannot respec prodigies that cannot be learned with Writhing Ring of the Hunter.

Based on Full Respecialization. Fix the Error for prodigies learning introduced v1.7.

Version 1.1.3 and older have a bug in the respeccing prodigies.
When I learn a prodigy after I unlearned a prodigy in the same dialog, learning prodigy is not learned correctly.
I recommand to save game before unlearning prodigies.

Weight: 100

- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:incStat() to respec stats.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:isUnlearnable() to respec talents.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:learnType() to respec categories.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:init() to recognize respeccing prodigies.
- mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:init(), use() to respec prodigies.
- mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:getTalentDesc() to show which prodigies cannot respec.

Full Respecialization

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Allows full control over respecialization at any time.

Grants the ability to respecialize all your attributes: stats, talents, categories, and prodigies.

Categories no longer have a cap.

Improved Respec

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Uses version 1.5.10 LevelupDialog.lua as a base, but allows base stats to be respecced to 1 and unlearning of known categories.

FlexSpec Respec Limitation Relaxer

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Unlimited Respec

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Removes the restriction on how many talents you can respec.

Allow Full Respec Anywhere

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Allows characters to fully respec anywhere in game, not just in towns.

Allow Respec Anywhere

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Allows characters to respec anywhere in game, not just in towns. This is a direct reversion of the change made in 1.2.3 to the way it was in 1.2.2 and before.

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