Free Respec

Free Respec

Allow trial and error for character building without restarting new game while minimizing inbalance.

You can respec stats, talents, categories and prodigies freely at any time.
You cannot respec stats below initial value.
You cannot respec talents that can alter the world in a permanent way.
You cannot respec categories known at start.
You cannot respec categories learnt from event without category point.
You cannot respec prodigies that cannot be learned with Writhing Ring of the Hunter.

Based on Full Respecialization. Fix the Error for prodigies learning introduced v1.7.

Version 1.1.3 and older have a bug in the respeccing prodigies.
When I learn a prodigy after I unlearned a prodigy in the same dialog, learning prodigy is not learned correctly.
I recommand to save game before unlearning prodigies.

Weight: 100

- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:incStat() to respec stats.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:isUnlearnable() to respec talents.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:learnType() to respec categories.
- mod/dialogs/LevelupDialog.lua:init() to recognize respeccing prodigies.
- mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:init(), use() to respec prodigies.
- mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:getTalentDesc() to show which prodigies cannot respec.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
1.1.4 fix prodigy respec 1.7.2 2021-02-15 15:33
1.1.3 fix click party's category 1.7.2 2021-01-26 07:13
1.1.2 fix respec party's stat 1.7.2 2021-01-22 07:50
1.1.1 1.7.2 2020-12-16 07:06
1.1.0 - cant_steal 1.7.2 2020-12-16 01:59
initial release 1.7.2 2020-12-07 10:24

somehow got an extra prodigy point

Hey, thanks for the great mod!
Today, I somehow got an extra prodigy point with my PM after respeccing to another prodigy.
I tried to recreate the scenario but wasn't able to do so.

Re: extra prodigy point

Thank you for reporting.
I also experienced it untill v1.1.3 . And I removed some causes at v1.1.4 .
If you use older version please try v1.1.4 .
Anyway, I'll fix it when I find what causes it.

Great mod

It allow to test different build in one game, and if you play new class first time you never go wrong build.

I am unable to unlearn my

I am unable to unlearn my stats points and category points which I learn at levle 10. All talents points are unlearnable though.

Can't reproduce

My characters can unlearn stats and categories. Do you have more information?
Did you update this addon in the middle of the adventure? Maybe v1.1.2 and v1.1.3 don't campatible with previous version.
Sorry for inconvinience.

Thanks for the reply. After

Thanks for the reply.
After several hours of playing, it seems that only stats and categories points learned before installation of this mod are unlearnable. I installed this mod through editing the existing save file. It is a risk I am willing to take. Better this than restart again.
I suppose that my way of installation is not supported by the mod.
Anyway, it is a great mod and I really cann't play without it. Thanks for your great work.

Untrained Starting Categories

Really cool addon. I was wondering how complex it would be to make a similar one where it starts a character completely untrained for all category and talent points? Sort of a blank slate character. Thanks!