Full Respecialization

Full Respecialization

Allows full control over respecialization at any time.

Grants the ability to respecialize all your attributes: stats, talents, categories, and prodigies.

Categories no longer have a cap.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Full Respecialization 1.5.5 2019-01-24 06:35

A replacement addon! 0v0

Voxxy has mailed the addon's author (no reply) and was considering writing a fix for this addon herself, but someone beat Voxxy to it. And quite very well, is seemings! :0
Here is the link to new addons: https://te4.org/games/addons/tome/free-respec
Voxxy is postings this comment to help people like herself in the difficult time of transitions. Wear masks, protect friendsies-- errm, wrong topics. Kikiki. ^v^'

There's a way to change the addons for an existing character, though is requirings a bit of file editing:
- Locate a file called "desc.lua" inside a respective character's folder inside your local ToME save directory;
- Is a simple text file! Can be opened in Notepad. Remember to make a backup first, as is always shoulds when modifying something manuallies;
- Locate a row starting with "addons = {", find the names of an addon is wishing to replaces, and replaces!
- In our cases, 'FullRespec' is needings to be replaced with 'free-respec'. Mind the quotes! Quotes is importants. Very.
- Save files. And is thats! Is dones! Congradulationses. ^v^

Not every addon can be replaced, added or removed mid-games, mind yous, but these twos is cans, and so yousie can upgrades with no problems at alls. Is working for Voxxy. ^v^

Oh, and considers looking at Voxxy's personal addon of similar thematics! Is goods. Yaya. :>

lua error

Lua Error: /mod/addons/FullRespec/superload/mod/dialogs/UberTalent.lua:41: bad argument

It happened when I learn a prodigy at level 25. Also when I unlearn the prodigy.

ver1.7.2 EoR campaign

Same! :0 I actually came here

Same! :0
I actually came here to see if there were any updates issued to the addon to fix the issue in the new game version. But, alas. .v.

Why it happens

Hmms. A few technical details here.
It seems that the error is brought by the recent introduction of the concept of *evolutions* as prodigies. The "self.tuttext:format(self.actor.unused_prodigies or 0)" construction has been replaced by a general form of "self.regentuttext()", as the format string self.tuttext now requires the amount of evolutions as a second argument. Hence, many old mods that have been overloading the UberTalents dialog now throw an error if they attempt to regenerate the tooltip the old way.

Voxxy has just updated her own addon, Point Credits, that has been suffering from the same malady. She'll see what she can do for this one as well, but chances are a new addon will have to be created as well, unless the original author steps in and rolls out an update. Them the 8r8ks. .v.