Sandworm Lair Tweaks

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Sandworm lair terrain is automatically revealed.

Quick Drown NPCs AOE

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New characters in Maj'Eyal start out with the Rod of Asphyxiation, an item made to quickly drown npcs.

This addon changes the Rod of Asphyxiation from single target to aoe for faster killing. Everything else is unchanged.


This addon works well with the addon "Round'em Up And Then Drown'em".

All credit to Alisar's original addon "Quick Drown NPCs".

TS Inventory Squelching

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Clear up inventory clutter and focus on the items that matter. This addon allows you to hide items that aren't any use to your character so you can carefully inspect those that do, and suffer from less inventory fatigue over the course of a playthrough.

This addon adds an extra dialog which is opened using Ctrl+D by default. The options should be fairly self-explanatory and mostly cover squelching individual item types, along with a few options useful to antimagic and undead characters, as well as the ability to squelch the mostly useless white items. Note that these options are tied to your character, so you'll need to set this up for each character you create. It also only applies to the transmogrification chest tab in your inventory; squelched items get their own special tab due to a variety of technical details. Items will be shown when they are picked up in the log, and artifacts will still show their lore popups. Squelched items will also be transmogrified when you leave the level, as normal.

Directly copied from yrriban's addon, but updated to work for characters with Tinkers and with a few more squelching options.

Frendlier Fire

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This was requested, and it's quite easy to implement so I went ahead and did it.
This addon adds a new option to Game Options that prevents the player character from damaging themselves. This option is false by default, so make sure to enable it!

If this option is on and you walk into your own Blood Grasp from Black Robe, it will simply do 0 damage. This is done in DamageProjector:final, so damage affinity will still work, for example.
This only affects the current player (i.e. the currently controlled creature).

This does *not* prevent the damage from Cauterize, Blazing Rebirth, Fiery Cleansing, or similar effects.


Weight: 981461


- Initial release

Convenient Digging

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This addon makes the digging interface less terrible by changing Dig to a costless sustain. While sustained, you can move into a wall and it will be dug automatically (taking the same amount of time as it would to dig the wall without this addon).


This addon uses the ToME:load hook to overwrite the Dig talent.

Weight: 193846

Select First Escort

Short Name: 

Creates a setting under Game Options/Gameplay for selecting the
first escort that will spawn.

This is intended to allow players to make characters that rely on a certain
escort reward without having to reroll repeatedly or savescum to get what they
need, but not gain the advantage of selecting ALL the escorts to get the best
possible reward every time. With this addon, only the first escort to spawn
will be of the selected type; all others will be randomly selected.

An advantage of this over addons that allow selecting the escort type when it
spawns is that it is less likely to cause bugs. This addon does not create a
new in-game menu, but rather handles selection through the settings menu.
Escorts are generated using the standard quest code.

QuickTome: Vault Tweaks

Short Name: 

This addon is part of the QuickTome addon set.

This addon changes various vaults to be less annoying. Mostly, this means replacing some diggable walls with doors or empty space.


This addon OVERLOADS these files, and will not be compatible with other addons that touch them:
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/32-chambers.lua: Replaced most diggable walls with floor. Multi-hued wyrms are now behind vault doors instead of diggable walls.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/demon-nest-1.lua: Removed lava. Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/demon-nest-2.lua: Removed lava.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/demon-nest-3.lua: Removed lava. Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/diggers.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/greater-checkerboard.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/lightning-vault.lua: Added passages to loot rooms so digging is no longer required.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/quiet.lua: Replaced alarm traps with monsters.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/trapped-hexagon.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/yin-yang.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors or nothing.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/zigzag-chambers.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/bandit-fortress.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/mold-path.lua: Replaced poisoned water with non-poisoned water.
data/maps/vaults/old-forest-swamp.lua: Replaced poisoned water with non-poisoned water.
data/maps/vaults/orc-necromancer.lua: Replaced diggable wall with door.
data/maps/vaults/rain-of-death.lua: Allowed skeleton archers to escape.
data/maps/vaults/thief-hideout.lua: Replaced diggable wall with door.

Weight: 216047

No Achievement Pop-ups

Short Name: 

This addon removes the pop-up window that appears when an achievement is gained.
The achievement is still announced in the message log and in chat, and the game can still hassle you for donations when achievements are gained.


This addon superloads and OVERWRITES the following functions:
engine/interface/WorldAchievements.lua: showAchievement()

Weight: 39438

QuickTome: Event Changes

Short Name: 

This addon is part of the QuickTome addon set.

Currently this addon just replaces the Thunderstorm level event (random meaningless gwelgoroths) with nothing, because that event is obnoxious.


This addon OVERLOADS these files, and will not be compatible with other addons that touch them:

Weight: 216125

QuickTome: Improved Recall

Short Name: 

This addon is part of the QuickTome addon set.

This addon allows the Rod of Recall to teleport to almost any zone that you can access, removing the need to pass through the worldmap. You still must wait 40 turns and be able to enter the worldmap (no detrimental effects etc).
You can also teleport in the same way by using a staircase (or portal, etc) that leads to the worldmap.
You can teleport to the lumberjack village, Thieves' Tunnels, and the Crypt of Kryl-Feijan, once you meet their level requirements. Thieves' Tunnels and Crypt of Kryl-Feijan no longer appear as worldmap encounters, but you still only get one chance at them: after teleporting to Thieves' Tunnels or Crypt of Kryl-Feijan once, you can't go back a second time.
This addon also removes the maximum level restriction on the "Storming the City" quest.
This addon detects the presence of QuickTome: Zone Overhaul and will adjust the zones it can teleport to accordingly. It also does not interfere with the Ashes of Urh'Rok change to recall.
However, it cannot automatically detect zones, so if you are using third-party addons that add/remove/move zones, they won't be compatible.


This addon is guaranteed to be compatible with the rest of the QuickTome set. If it isn't, that is a bug and should be reported.

This addon OVERLOADS these files, and will not be compatible with other addons that touch them:

This addon assumes these files do not already exist:

This addon overwrites the use_power field on the Rod of Recall.

Weight: 216890

Known Issues

- If you teleport to a zone with random worldmap placement (e.g. Golem Graveyard) and then go to the worldmap, you will emerge outside the last non-randomly-placed zone you entered. This is not easily fixable aside from removing randomly placed zones (which QuickTome: Zone Overhaul will do eventually anyway).
- Due to the way certain hacks in vanilla interact with my own hacks, entering the Sher-Tul Fortress and Ruined Halfling Complex for the first time, or entering Unremarkable Cave, can result in you appearing directly outside those zones the next time you visit the worldmap, even if you teleport somewhere else first.
- Sometimes your character has ways to reach a zone but will still not be allowed to teleport to it. Zigur is the main offender.



- Initial release


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul 1.0.4
- Added compatibility section (really wanted to get 1.0.0 out as soon as possible!)


- Fixed serialization bug that could leave player with nil wilderness position (requiring save editing to continue) if they teleported with the rod of recall, then saved and reloaded the game, then visited the worldmap without teleporting anywhere else.


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul 1.0.11


- Fix typo that caused Briagh's Lair to be accessible when it shouldn't


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul 1.0.13


- Allowed teleporting via zone exits, not just the Rod
- Removed the Thieves' Tunnels and Crypt of Kryl-Feijan as worldmap encounters, since you would always prefer to teleport to them instead anyway
- Added Shatur and Elvala to the teleport list
- Made wilderness position adjustment a little safer, and clarified a comment about it
- Don't allow teleporting to Tempest Peak without meeting the prerequisites


- Don't try to teleport when exiting damp/intimidating caves, Rat Lich crypt, etc. via the stairs

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