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This addon requires QuickTome QoL Changes installed.

This addon group the destinations for Improved Rod of Recall to make it easier to find the destination.
Not Grouped:
- Cancel
- Worldmap
- Sher'tul Fortress
- Towns
- Far East Dungeons (until back to the west)
- Orcs Campaign Dungeons (untill the bridge opens)

- Maj'Eyal Main Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Maj'Eyal Extra Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Far East Dungeons (Maj'Eyal Campaign)
- Peninsula Dungeons (Orcs Campaign)
- Continent Dungeons (Orcs Campaign)

Maj'Eyal Main Dungeons are
- Race Starter Dungeons
- Tier1 Dungeons
- Tier2 Dungeons
- Dreadfell
- Reknor

Main Dungeons are sorted by tier. Other Zones are sorted by name.

Also add some destinations.
- Ancient Cave (Tinker Escort Reward)
- Old Psi-Machine's floor (Yeti Mussle Tissue Reward)
- Ithilthum, Valley of the Moon (Limmir, Master Jeweler)
- Necromancers' Ruin (Rescue Krogs)
- Kroshkkur, the Hidden Sanctuary (Dimented Start)
- Unknown Tunnels if Merchant on the Map addon installed.
- Dark Crypt if Melinda on the Map addon installed.

P.S. minmay
If you prefer it, please pick some changes from this addon.

Weight: 216891(QuickTome QoL Changes' value + 1)


QuickTome QoL Changes

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Changes to make ToME faster to play without providing gameplay advantages.

You may freely modify and redistribute this addon and its contents, except where otherwise indicated in the Credits section below.

Weight: 216890

Full list of effects

- After generating the world map, using zone exits or recalling allows you to teleport to most reachable zones, instead of having to walk through the world map. Recalling can still drag doomelves/doombringers/demonologists to the Anteroom of Agony, and the teleportation won't let you bypass Crypt of Kryl'Feijan, Godfeaster, or the Dreadfell ambush.

- Maj'Eyal characters start with the Orb of Communication, which can be used to contact the alchemists, Elder of Last Hope, Protector Myssil, and Zemekkys when appropriate.

- Achievement pop-ups and announcing your own achievements in chat can be disabled in the game UI and Online options, respectively.

- Added an easily toggleable "digging mode" that automatically uses your Dig talent when you move into a diggable wall with no hostiles in sight.


The icon used for Toggle Digging Mode is licensed under CC-BY 3.0: https://game-icons.net/1x1/delapouite/war-pick.html
The sprite used for Orb of Communication is based on existing Tales of Maj'Eyal graphics and may not be used in other games.



- This version is not compatible with savegames from previous versions!
- Rolled Orb of Communication, No Achievement Pop-Ups, and Convenient Digging into this addon with improvements, and renamed "QuickTome QoL Changes" (previously "QuickTome: Improved Recall")
- Updated for ToME4 version 1.6.7
- Bug fix: Recall teleportation and Orb of Communication can no longer be screwed up by triggering them while controlling e.g. a golem instead of the player character
- Bug fix: Recall teleportation no longer allows teleporting to Derth when you shouldn't be able to
- Bug fix: Recall teleportation will no longer crash in custom campaigns. (do any of these exist?)
- Bug fix: Recall teleportation finally deals with Ruined Halfling Complex, Sher-Tul Fortress, and Unremarkable Cave wilderness position setting.
- Bug fix: Recall teleportation falls back to vanilla behaviour in "sub-zones" such as intimidating caves.
- Bug fix: The Kruk Pride zone exit and similar exits now offer teleportation (after you've generated the world map, of course!).
- Recall teleportation no longer allows you to postpone encountering Crypt of Kryl'Feijan or Godfeaster.
- Recall teleportation no longer allows you to teleport to Thieves' Tunnels or Tempest Peak.
- Recall teleportation can now only be used after you've generated the world map by visiting it once (campaigns often expect you to generate the world map before entering some zones).
- Orb of Communication is now instant to use
- Orb of Communication can no longer be used in areas where Rod of Recall cannot be used
- Orb of Communication finally has a custom sprite
- Orb of Communication no longer offers combat/staff/mindstar training (the conditions for when you can get staff training are too complicated...)
- Safeguarded against Orb of Communication being used while not controlling the character
- Convenient Digging is no longer implemented as a sustained talent (since it interacted with Entropy and such). Instead, digging mode is indicated in the effect area like Cloak of Deception.
- Convenient Digging now automatically uses the Dig talent instead of replacing the talent. This fixes all digging time disparities.
- Convenient Digging now only digs when you try to move into a feature that is actually diggable and there are no hostiles in sight.
- You can now toggle achievement pop-ups in the UI options.


- Fixed Drem being able to teleport to Dwarf starting zones
- Updated Zigur conditions for ToME 1.5.10 (took me long enough...)
- Allowed teleporting to Ruined Dungeon in Embers of Rage
- Allowed teleporting to Occult Egress


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul version 1.0.32


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul version 1.0.27


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul version 1.0.22


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul version 1.0.18
- Capitalization fix (cosmetic only): Rak'Shor Pride -> Rak'shor Pride


- Updated for ToME4 version 1.4.8
- Added Orcs: Embers of Rage support
- Cleaned up some dead code and clarified a comment


- Greatly improve worldmap position handling: zone entrance positions are now auto-detected instead of enumerated, multiple onLevelLoads are no longer added
- Wilderness position is now set for randomly placed zones


- Fix Murgol Lair exit position


- Fix regression in tier 1 zone teleports for non-Zone Overhaul games
- Fix "Never Look Back And There Again" achievement being awarded when it shouldn't
- Fix teleport conditions to give the proper results for Sunwall characters that haven't gone west
- Updated for future Zone Overhaul version


- Don't try to teleport when exiting damp/intimidating caves, Rat Lich crypt, etc. via the stairs


- Allowed teleporting via zone exits, not just the Rod
- Removed the Thieves' Tunnels and Crypt of Kryl-Feijan as worldmap encounters, since you would always prefer to teleport to them instead anyway
- Added Shatur and Elvala to the teleport list
- Made wilderness position adjustment a little safer, and clarified a comment about it
- Don't allow teleporting to Tempest Peak without meeting the prerequisites


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul 1.0.13


- Fix typo that caused Briagh's Lair to be accessible when it shouldn't


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul 1.0.11


- Fixed serialization bug that could leave player with nil wilderness position (requiring save editing to continue) if they teleported with the rod of recall, then saved and reloaded the game, then visited the worldmap without teleporting anywhere else.


- Updated for qt-zone-overhaul 1.0.4
- Added compatibility section (really wanted to get 1.0.0 out as soon as possible!)


- Initial release

QuickTome: Vault Tweaks

Short Name: 

This addon is part of the QuickTome addon set.

This addon changes various vaults to be less annoying. Mostly, this means replacing some diggable walls with doors or empty space.


This addon OVERLOADS these files, and will not be compatible with other addons that touch them:
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/32-chambers.lua: Replaced most diggable walls with floor. Multi-hued wyrms are now behind vault doors instead of diggable walls.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/demon-nest-1.lua: Removed lava. Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/demon-nest-2.lua: Removed lava.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/demon-nest-3.lua: Removed lava. Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/diggers.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/greater-checkerboard.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/lightning-vault.lua: Added passages to loot rooms so digging is no longer required.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/quiet.lua: Replaced alarm traps with monsters.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/trapped-hexagon.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/yin-yang.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors or nothing.
data/maps/vaults/auto/greater/zigzag-chambers.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/bandit-fortress.lua: Replaced diggable walls with doors.
data/maps/vaults/mold-path.lua: Replaced poisoned water with non-poisoned water.
data/maps/vaults/old-forest-swamp.lua: Replaced poisoned water with non-poisoned water.
data/maps/vaults/orc-necromancer.lua: Replaced diggable wall with door.
data/maps/vaults/rain-of-death.lua: Allowed skeleton archers to escape.
data/maps/vaults/thief-hideout.lua: Replaced diggable wall with door.

Weight: 216047

QuickTome: Remove Escorts

Short Name: 

This addon is part of the QuickTome addon set.

This addon removes escorts from the game.


This addon is guaranteed to be compatible with the rest of the QuickTome set. If it isn't, that is a bug and should be reported.

This addon overloads the following files:

It will not be compatible with other addons that touch these files. Also, it removes the Quest:escort:assign hook.

Weight: 216875



- Initial release

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