Razakai's Reworks

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This addon is somewhere for me to test all my wacky ideas to see what might work in the main game. As the title states, it focuses primarily on reworking existing classes and categories. The first version contains a full Berserker rework.

Berserker now has 3 unlocked unique categories: Bloodthirst, Might and Rage. 2H Assault has had a few improvements made.
Their locked categories are the Berserker-specific Titan, as well as reworked and improved versions of Superiority and Warcries.
Note that they also have a small, hidden boost to Life/Stamina regen due to no more Combat Veteran.

- Rather than altering the existing Berserker, this is a new class called Barbarian in order to minimize impact on unrelated areas. This class will not appear on rares/randbosses.
- Not compatible with Bastion due to sharing many talents. Bastion will be merged into this addon at a later date.

Mountain Troll Race

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This addon adds Mountain Trolls as a playable race to the game.

Classic Berzerker Remix

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Adds the Berzerker class, a modified Berserker with a mix of pre- and post-1.2.0 Berserker talents.

Bloodied Berserker - A Berserker Overhaul

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This addon updates the Berserker class in an effort to make its early game
more interesting by replacing some of the more generic abiliities with access to the
Bloodthirst set from level 1, along with a small redesign of a few key abilities

i made cornac berserker and its dead now

my cornac berserker i made today i named him rokhan is now dead

when i was doing a run through the maze cold drake appeared with some hatchling guys and killed him with cold

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