i made cornac berserker and its dead now

my cornac berserker i made today i named him rokhan is now dead

when i was doing a run through the maze cold drake appeared with some hatchling guys and killed him with cold


Thats sounds so sad. Im sorry! :((


I wish you more luck for the next time!

Aww :/

Awww ;< that's sad.

But then again, it's your fault for playing Hardcore anyway... seriously >.> ^^

thihi... Hardcore-mode huh? Rather Frustration-mode imo :>

If you guys keep that up, the developers might add some weird cemetery features :]

GL HF nxt time, but u should reconsider ur class and difficulty :]

yours sincerely

Personally I think berserker is the best for early unlocking

I used berserker to unlock many of the earlier classes with ease. Once you get the ball rolling (level 15ish) you suddenly can crit like crazy, heal super fast, and do massive damage. Get your resist up and you can cruise through the early and mid game.


For the Wildfire tree, the Alchemist is the best thing to use to unlock
For the Uttercold tree, Wyrmics are the best thing to use to unlock
For Reavers, the best place to go is the maze
The fight against the Cursed is probably easiest with a hard hitting melee class like Fighter/Berserker
For Wyrmics and killing the queen you're probably best off as either a Berserker/Archmage/Fighter