White Monk

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Adds the White Monk, a warrior subclass.

The White Monk is an ascetic martial artist and healer, trained by the masters of their way in their secluded homeland. Monks are generally peaceful, and practice ancient healing arts using the power of their will. However, when their community is threatened, they can use their immense willpower to enhance their martial prowess, and defend themselves with deadly power. The White Monk wields no arms, instead using intense focus and training to turn their body into a weapon.

Primary stats are Dexterity and Willpower. White Monks have the unique ability to project unarmed melee attacks at a distance, with talents that allow them to strike all targets in a beam, cone, or ranged ball, as well. White Monks have a base damage modifier for hand gear of 60% Dex and 60% Wil, and gain some of the same benefits to unarmed attacks as Brawlers.

Includes five new talent trees and incorporates trees from existing Warrior and Rogue classes.

Full details in the forum thread.


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Adds the Gladiator, a warrior subclass. Gladiators are weapons experts and can wield one-handed weapons in either hand with ease, however they are also proficient with two-handed weapons and shields.
They learn many techniques for use with Axes, Maces, Swords and even more exotic weapons. Gladiators are able to quickly swap weapons and stack numerous detrimental effects on their foes, then finish them off with skills that grow more deadly the more devastated their enemies become.
Includes six new class trees and one new generic tree, allowing for a variety of builds. Will you wield maces and shields and wear your foes down while sheltered inside your armor or put defense aside, pick up a pair of waraxes and become The Axebutcher?


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Adds a new Psionic class (since their numbers are few anyways) that is a combo of rouge, solipsist and mindslayer. Focus more on combat than staying in the back, but still has the capability to do so.


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Adds a new wilder class with the abilities of a oozemancer and mindslayer. More focused on defense.


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Adds a new class that's focus is raising defense and dual weapons. And the name contains a pun.

Arcane Gladiator

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v0.1 -- Initial release
v0.2 -- Interim release

A few minor changes to the skill-tree configuration and stats.
This version will be the last for the stand-alone AddOn of the ArcGlad; future incarnations will appear in a class pack I'm releasing soon(ish). A brief progress report can be found at the "Arcane Gladiator forum discussion thread" link below.

Arcane gladiators are professional arena combatants that have learned to enhance their combat prowess with magic.
Typically rampaging against a single foe with two full-sized weapons magically imbued with elemental energy, these versatile warriors are also capable of multi-target strikes to deal with groups.
They have also learned how to quickly maneuver and even teleport around the battlefield, meaning arcane gladiators are able to chase down escaping enemies.

This is my first AddOn for ToME4; suggestions in regards to balance will be appreciated.

So what are you waiting for? 'Ave a go, ya mug!

Weapons Pack

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This adds new weapon types and egos to the game.

- Tridents are unchanged, but generate more often.
- Whips can now generate normally, and their accuracy bonus now slows the target.
- Swordbreakers are weak knives that have a chance to disarm on hit, and give bonuses to dual weapon defense.
- Rapiers are 1h weapons that use dagger mastery and rely on strength, dexterity, and cunning.
- Bucklers are light shields that can greatly increase your defense and give you faster attacks against those who miss you in melee.
- Buckler offense tree at varying levels of access for 5 or so classes. Skirmishers start with a buckler.
- Spears/Greatspears are slow weapons that can attack from a distance.
- Clubs/Greatclubs are maces that can pick up mindstar egos.
- Throwing knives can be used in melee or as a short ranged attack with the shoot talent.
- Daggers will now use the higher of strength or cunning if you don't have Lethality.
- Mindslayers can now equip ranged weapons in their psionic focus slot.
- Aurastones are magic-based items that can be equipped to modify your unarmed attacks.
- Magic Weapon Mastery applies to staves, aurastones, and sceptres, and can be learned in Angolwen.

Most of the stuff here can be individually turned on/off in the Game Options menu. So you could use this addon just for the extra tridents if you really wanted to.

Bloodied Berserker - A Berserker Overhaul

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This addon updates the Berserker class in an effort to make its early game
more interesting by replacing some of the more generic abiliities with access to the
Bloodthirst set from level 1, along with a small redesign of a few key abilities

Blood Knight Class

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Contains a new melee class - the Blood Knight

Details & discussion here:

Display Onhit damages in Player and NPC Tooltip

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This addon displays all the onhit damage a player/npc has. So if you are about to frenzy as a cursed with two weaspons, which means 4 x 2 = 8 hits, and the npc does 100 cold damage, you'll gain for yourself 800 hp damage! This addon adds the 100 cold type info to the tooltip for any player/noc, so you can decide what to do BEFORE hitting it.

This info is available under Inspect Creature | Defence | Damage when hit column.

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