Visible Cloud Caller

Short Name: 

Adds a display effect to Cloud Caller's storm effect, similar to the Thunderstorm spell.

Air Archer

Short Name: 

Adds the Air Archer class, an archer that channels air magic through their attacks. Includes 4 new talent categories and does not appear on enemies.
Also reduces the mana costs of Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm strikes, and fixes sustainbug for Feather Wind, Blur Sight, and Tempest.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .

Sound credits: CC 0


Messes with Feather Wind and Blur Sight. Otherwise unlikely to cause any problems.

Weight: 161258

Highblade Class

Short Name: 

Adds the Highblade class, a very focused arcane blade-style class, using primarily cold and lightning magic, alongside wind. Contains several blatant references.

Firmamancer Class

Short Name: 

Adds the Firmamancer class, a celestial character who wields the weather; including sunlight, rainfall, storms and gales.

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