Class: Woodcutter

Class: Woodcutter

Woodcutters are usually not adventurers, but some of them decide to take on this dangerous pursuit. Woodcutters are masters of axes and firewood, and some learn how to use traps in defence of their camps. 

On a practical note, this class seems a lot weaker than many of the classes already in the game. This is accurate flavour-wise, so I don't think I will bother to fix it. The whole class is mostly a meme anyways.

Class talent categories:

Technique / Woodcutter
Technique / Firewood
Techinque / Axes
Commoner / Commoner in combat
Cunning / Trapping (locked)
Spell / Haunted Woods (locked)

Generic talent categories:

Technique / Mobility
Technique / Conditioning
Technique / Herblore
Cunning / Survival (locked)

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