Rocketman Gear Pack

Rocketman Gear Pack

Un-ego'd gear that can be upgraded! Soon to be expanded with custom art and more items..

Adds sunstone gear to the game, and a new type of ego based off of crystal hearts!

The art is not finished yet, but as is there are several character sprites to choose from along with sprites for the chest armor, swords, and sun crystals.

Sunstone is an armor type that provides bonuses to max life, blight and darkness resistance at the expense of being ravaged by acid.

Sunstone weapons provide damage conversion, and a slight bonus to penetration of their element.

And lastly, sun stones/crystals upgrade gear of white/green quality to artifact status. Increasing their armor and light/nature damage. In addition to providing some light damage on hit. (soon to be split into mossy (nature) and regular (light) variants.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
Hotfix 2 1.7.6 2024-03-27 07:24
Hotfix 1.7.6 2024-03-27 06:11
Higher drop rates and egos 1.7.6 2024-03-26 22:43
Sunstone gear v1 1.7.6 2024-03-25 01:09


Looking for feedback on balance, drop rates, and when the items should appear in the game.
And any other suggestions you may have! This is an ongoing mod and I'd like to make it fun.

Many thanks,

I'll test it at some point

I'll test it at some point when I start a new character. You should include information on what to look for here since nobody will have any idea how and where these items can be procured for testing.


I'll do that! Thank you. I've got some ideas of how things need to change already. And I think I'll alow egos on the items too.

Let me write it up and I'll push the update.

Okay, I've now found three

Okay, I've now found three items with Sunstone...material? All three are T2, but I can't tell if that's just a coincidence or if these items are innately T2. I haven't seen any in stores yet, so I don't know if they'd sell at the level of the normal material for their tier. The two defensive items I found seem to work as advertised -- extra life, -5% penalty on acid resistance. Do these things rise in tiers somehow, i.e. will I find a higher of tiers "Sunstone"? If not, they're nice items for the early game but will become too weak to bother with at mid- and late-game.

I've yet to see a crystal, so I can't offer any thoughts on that at the present time. The third item I found was a "moldy book". Its egos were 'lite' egos, though it was put in the tool slot when wielded. It gave me bonuses to talent trees, neither of which my character uses or intends to use, but since I'm playing an Adventurer, I can't tell if this would apply with a standard class. Are they completely random or, like amulets of mastery and perfection, are they usually limited to trees available to that specific character? I have an add-on, a Zizzo one if I'm not mistaken, that limits the amulets to applying only to trees I've chosen as an adventurer, which, personally, I think would be a great change here. But that's just me.

So far, so good. I'll look for weapons and crystals as I continue, to see how those work out as well. Thumbs up.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the plan is to add in more tiers...but I actually haven't ever made it past tier 3 myself in game. I've beaten the master like once? and died shortly after.

I'm adjusting the crystals so they can be applied to most non-rare gear so you can make more common items relevant.

As for the trees, they're static for now, but I'll look into that zizzo add-on to see how I can make them dynamic/specific to your individual character.